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Structure of SOP essay for UX and UI design

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Jan 13, 2020   #1

Goal of study, title or subject of research and study plan

I wasn't sure how to approach the form/structure of this essay, but I made the appropriate corrections, I would be very grateful for feedback. I would like to know what correction can be made or eliminate irrelevant information.

Goal of Study

As technologies continue to advance at incredibly rapid rates, digital products and services become even more significant parts of our day-to-day lives. It is essential to comprehend how these technologies can change the design that is made and the audience's experiences, especially when it comes to creating products that are inclusive of all people. It enables people with diverse characteristics to use products in a variety of different environments. It is essential to create different ways for people to participate in an experience.

The research aims to create an interactive prototype for the development of mobile agenda application to support people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using the principles of a user-oriented approach with the participation of people with ASD in the development process. The application must meet the user-centered design approach as well as usability principles. It should align with the different user categories and their different user needs while providing a more enjoyable experience.

Title of research proposal

Development of a mobile agenda application UX/UI prototype for people with ASD

Necessity and importance of the research

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a collective term for a range of conditions that impact on an individual's social communication, social interaction, and social imagination. Although, when describing ASD, social and language difficulties are often the core deficits, several other symptoms may also cause difficulties in daily life. Deficits in 'executive functioning 'may result in problems with planning, working memory, attention, problem solving, verbal reasoning, inhibition, cognitive flexibility, initiation of actions, and monitoring of actions. Nevertheless, people with ASD possess unique abilities and can prove to be a valuable asset to the society.

Because of the known advantages of technological tools for ASD intervention, there has been a recent growth in both research-based systems and commercially available technologies for assisting people with ASD in developing necessary skills required to live an independent life. However, most of these products are developed for children, and relatively less attention has been paid to other large groups. The project is important because ASD adults also need digital aids in managing their life. It is essential to facilitate these user groups and support their lives with appropriate tools.

Research objectives

-Goals to achieve
The purpose of the thesis is to provide a practical tool that assists ASD people with the management of Executive Functions; the application must meet the user-centered design approach as well as usability principles. Enhance user satisfaction and generate a positive emotional response through the improvement of usability, accessibility, and pleasure when a person interacts with a product.

Assist in determining how is going to be the experience of the customer when they use a product and understand the ecosystem in terms of full human being, in all their complexity, emotion, rationality, and function. Also, provide a practical interpretation of an answer to the user problem and a product prototype that efficiently and effectively satisfies users' needs.

-Research study to achieve goals Research methods
The thesis aims to present a clear definition and process of designing a user-centered website, as well as the opportunities and economic benefits of focusing on user experience from early stages. For that purpose, a deductive approach is chosen based on the User-Centered Design principles; the UX/UI development process includes the following steps: User Research, Creation of Personas, Development of User Scenarios, Prototyping and Usability Testing.

The project does not include any technical development of the mobile agenda application and only concentrates on the initial design processes with a focus on user-centered design principles. The final product is a medium-fidelity interactive prototype, which can be used only for testing purposes. Technical requirements and development were not taken into consideration. UX optimization cannot be constrained within any particular development phase, as it should continuously improved throughout the design process. Also, the limitation of the thesis lies in insufficient data and statistics. UX design is a growing field compared to others; there are fewer available resources on the topic.

Research outcome
As a result of this project and a practical interpretation of an answer to a user problem, the production of an interactive agenda prototype that efficiently and effectively satisfies users' needs. Design interfaces taking into account the characteristics of users is the key to a high quality and reliable product, its continued popularity among customers, and, consequently, profit.

Designing UX and UI will become an essential task in the development phase of user-oriented systems. In the future, the developed interactive prototype can serve as a guide or basis for creating mobile applications adapted to people with ASD. Usability testing revealed issues that still have work to do. Also, the results obtained from user research will have variations in the prototype development process. Thus, the model will need to be finalized and released in new iterations, as required by the user-centered design approach.

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Jan 14, 2020   #2
The missing element in this version of your study plan is ; what is the relevance of this research to the Korean government / people? How will your research help Koreans? You have to show a co-relation between your research, its relevance to the health system of Korea, the steps the Korean government has taken to address this problem and why your research can help improve or radically change the way Koreans deal with Autism. This should be discussed in the detailed study plan. It must include a list of areas / universities / hospitals in Korea that can directly help with your research.

Mentioning the extent of Korean solutions to the plan in relation to your potential research may also help strengthen the study plan. Your aim is to show the reviewer that your research shall help enhance the Korean participation on the world stage in relation to Autism. You have to do additional research for this topic before you can write a truly acceptable goal of study presentation.

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