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Study plan for applying master of business administration in taiwan

chitruong027 1 / -  
Mar 17, 2014   #1
The reason why I write this letter is due to express my study plan to your university.
First of all, I am pleased to present about my background education. I graduated from my high school in the major related to history research. However I made my decision to apply and improve my future career at Da Nang University of economics due to I am notoriously keen on analysing the influence of economics to the business. Marketing appears on me as the most curial sector of a company so I made decision to study in department of marketing which is in faculty of business administration.

During nearly 4 years studying at the current university, I have gained either not only basic knowledge of core economic principles likes demand-supply rule, pricing theory ,profit making and other aspects of macro and minor economic but also the responsibilities for jobs. I am really in favor of researching this subject and got high marks in this field. Futhermore, I also realize that in order to increase revenues and profits, each company has to build a marketing-mix policies for a variety of various products, especially the promotion strategy.

Through some processes of doing team-work exercises in every lecture, my presentation skill and computer skill have been remarkably improved. I also regularly read newspapers and economic publications to keep up to date with economic developments. Futhermore , in order to gain practical experiences, last year, I worked as a part-time assistant in an English-teaching center. My job was to support the manager in celebrating the seminar and finding out the new students. I have learnt a lot about team work, responsibility and time management.

Secondly , I would like to present about my intended plan when I made decision to pursue master of business administration in Taiwan .My dream is to work in an international field related to marketing management so I would like to gain deeper theoretical and practical knowledge in starting and managing most innovative projects. There are only 2 years for completion the master program so I always keep in mind that I will use this time to do my job with my best ability.

In the first two semester, my aim is making effort as much as possible to learn Chinese from school as well as other partners or Taiwan resident to be adaptable to new environment. I am always aware of that learning the native language is the most important key to understand the culture and help me improve my career in future. Through researching the curriculum of course , I will work hard to take the credit as required and try to come up with the best of everything; to accompany the professors and university colleagues in carrying out research

After completion the master program, I hope I will be able to finish my own thesis about " How influential the advertising program at point of sale in supermarket to the customer's purchase behavior" cause nowadays most of retailers prefer to make their customer have impulsive purchases rather than planned ones. I totally believe in the success of this thesis as its result may help the retailer find out the better way to attract the attention of customer and improve the service to boost the revenue. Beside of that ,I believe this Master Program will provide me with the chance to gain more experience in dealing with situations, peoples, systems and demands which will be of a great help in my future career.

Thirdly, The reason I choose to study abroad in Taiwan after graduating in 7/2014 because I have known and admired of its remarkable development in economics. Taiwan has a good education system and offers many course taught by English. The fast growing economy, technological advancement and the global ranking education institutes of Taiwan with high reputation makes a great aspiration to the students and professionals for the better career perspectives. On the other hand, the culture of Taiwan is also the same as Viet Nam one like food or traditional celebration(mid-autumn festival; lunar new year holiday,..) that makes me feel Taiwan as a peaceful place to live and study.

In conclusion, having the competence in English and in doing on computer combined with the academic knowledge gained from the current university, I am totally confident to adapt the new education environment. I am really excited with the Master program and feel it will drive me to success in future. I am highly satisfied with the decision I have taken. However, I also expect to gain scholarship from your university to support me a part of fee for pursuing academic program. That's all thing I would like to share.

Can you help me correct this essay?I am applying the scholarship.Thanks much^^
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Mar 18, 2014   #2
This gives a bit of a confusing feeling to the reader as to in what subject you are interested. Since this is about your study plan, I wonder why you spoke about these diverse interests? Do you wish to learn all of them under the intended course?

I have gained either not only basic knowledge of core economic principles likes demand-supply rule, pricing theory ,profit making and other aspects of macro and minor economic(these are too obvious and , in my view, do not contribute much for this response) but also the responsibilities for jobs.

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