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Nov 20, 2017
Writing Feedback / IELTS WRITING TASK 1 - TABLE - AVERAGE MONTHLY RAINFALL - Woodsville and Blacksboro [4]

This is my essay for IELTS Writing Task 1. I would be grateful if someone here sends me some comments.


The table shows the different rainfall on average in each month of the year in two cities. There is a significant difference in the amount of rain between Woodsville and Blacksboro among the year.

In Woodsville, autumn is the season with the least rainfall amounts, with a little over 3 inches on average in total from July to September. In contrast, it rains much in the winter. November and December is the top two months with the highest rainfall, with an average of 6 inches and 5.5 inches, respectively. Rainfall is recorded to be decrease steadily from the beginning of the year - January - 5 inches on average until it reaches the lowest number in July, with an average of just under 1 inch.

In Blacksboro, on the other hand, the amount of rain is much more smaller than in Woodsville. The rainfall is concentrated mostly in the spring, and February sees the biggest rain amounts, with an average of 4 inches. However, this number is just equal to two-thirds of the highest number of rainfall in Woodsville. Autumn is also the season in which the rain is not much, with only 0.3 inches on average in total of three years between July and September.

Overall, Woodsville rains much in the winter, while spring in Blacksboro rains a lot. The average monthly rainfall in Woodsville is higher than that in Blacksboro in general.

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Nov 17, 2017

This is my essay for IELTS Writing Task 1. I would be grateful if someone here sends me some comments.

IELTS Writing Task 1 - Agricultural Producion

The pie charts compare the production of various agricultural products between two areas of the country. Each region develops different major food.

In the East of the country, meat is the most popular product with thirty-five percent of production. The second highest percentage is dairy, with thirty percent of total agricultural production is produced for consumption. A fifth of the total is vegetables, while fifteen percent of production is for grain harvesting.

In Western region, on the other hand, considerably more grain is produced, with forty-five percent of total production, three times as many as in the East. Meat is one of the top two most popular products besides grain, with thirty-five percent of production, the same as in Eastern area. There is a difference in percentage of milk products between milk products. Fifteen percent of Western agricultural production is dairy, which is equal to a half of the Eastern dairy amount. A very small part of the total production is for vegetables producing, with only five percent.

In general, each area concentrates on different products. While the agricultural commodities is distributed relatively equaled in the East, Western region seems to prefer grain.

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