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Mar 1, 2023
Writing Feedback / IELTS 2: Surveys show that people are living longer in many countries. [2]

Surveys show that people are living longer in many countries.
But increased life expectancy has many implications for aging individuals and for society as a whole.

What are the possible effects of longer living for individuals and society?

The life expectancy for modern citizens has increased for many years, as claimed by many surveys. This trend positively affects individuals but brings more adverse consequences for everyone and society.

Individuals can both benefit and suffer from a longer lifespan. Firstly, individuals will have more free hours to explore their interests towards the world and spend time with their families and friends. Using China as an example, the average lifetime analyzed by authorities and originations is about 75 years old, and the retirement age is about 55 to 60. Thus, Chinese citizens will have about 15 to 20 years of pension, which means they can fully enjoy their life without financial concerns. However, dwellers may suffer for a longer time. Many older adults have chronic diseases, which means daily medication and the side effects of pills and pain from some illnesses will lower the quality of life.

The aging society will cause a heavy burden on both governments and individuals. Firstly, the authorities will allocate more funds to build more facilities and train more medical practitioners, such as retirement homes and nurses, to support the aging population's daily requirements. Additionally, caring for sick or disabled elderly will cost the working-age population more time and effort. Longer time on family caring will lead to less time spent on jobs, leading to a decreased output in many industries for the long term.

In conclusion, it is no doubt that individuals can attain more advantages from a longer lifespan, but this will cause more severe effects generally.
Feb 28, 2023
Writing Feedback / More and more people no longer read newspaper or watch tv programs to get news. They get news about [3]

tv and newspaper as a source of news is becoming obsolete

It is true that more individuals access news from the internet instead of traditional channels. In my opinion, this trend has both positive and negative effects.

On the one hand, online media positively affects our society. Compared to conventional newspapers, journalists and editors can post information on their channels, such as Twitter, immediately; meanwhile, readers are capable of receiving updated news through a portable device without the time and space limits. Additionally, net-report can provide various contents. For example, family members may subscribe to several magazines from different companies a decade ago, but they can now access their preferred content through a small screen. Finally, the information delivered through the network can be easily stored and retrieved, reducing materials and transportation costs, like trees and fuels.

On the other hand, the negative influence of electronic media popularity should be alarming. The most significant one is authenticity. The text published by a traditional news provider is usually verified and revised by multiple editors. However, the internet is filled with unconfirmed and even wrong messages because everyone can draft and send subjective and lopsided comments, which can mislead other viewers. Furthermore, some reporters and internet celebrities prefer to post adverse and exaggerated events because this news is easier to spread and gain more traffic. The increasing exposure to insecure and violent incidents will intensify the public's sense of insecurity.

In conclusion, the popularity of online media has certainly benefited individuals, but not all of the outcomes of this trend have been positive.
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