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Sep 2, 2010
Writing Feedback / money either to protect arts or the environment - source of our livelihood [3]

The profound effects of the technological advancements on our environment have always been a cause of concern. In my opinion the company should give money to support the environment. Nature is the source of our livelihood and its protection is of outmost importance to us. The air we breathe to the food we eat and the water we drink all our basic need of sustenance are fulfilled by the environment.

To start with any harm to the environment will directly affect the food chain. Deforestation on a large scale will lead to extinction of some species of herbivores and this in turn will mean starvation for carnivores and this will eventually lead to ecological imbalance. Trees maintain the oxygen and carbon-dioxide levels in the environment and lessen the effects of pollution. Plants life increases the oxygen in the air. Animals are equally important as they are food for some, protection for others and business too.

"Less pollution is the best solution." And we as a part of the environment have to work towards a clean and green environment. Festivals like Vanmahotsava should be celebrated in schools and offices. Students should be taught about conserving the environment as a part of their academic curriculum. Awareness campaigns should be made to inform the masses about the importance of environment. Each individual should contribute in his own way to conserve the environment and avoid damage. People or industries polluting the environment should be fined. Certain rules regarding the protection of environment should be enforced on all.

Arts whether visual or performing play a very crucial role in preserving the age old culture. Arts should be enhanced to bring out the talent in people. But people will enjoy the arts only when they have a healthy environment to live in. And thus, environment protection is most important. And it will be very encouraging if companies come forward and donate their money for such a noble cause.
Sep 2, 2010
Writing Feedback / I disagree that television has destroyed communication between friends and family. [10]

certain grammatical errors are promnent pls correct them. dont beat around the bush be laconic.try to keep your sentences short and to the point. when we read long sentences it gets difficult to analyse. 2nd para its "which make us aware". the language can be worked on. refer the gre flash cards and try to use better sounding words.
Sep 2, 2010
Writing Feedback / Grade is an assessment that encourages students to learn more.do you agree? [4]

Grade is an assessment of the kind of work a student has done. Teachers usually judge students on the basis of their grades. A good student certainly has better grades than a bad student. Students also judge their capability on the basis of the grades they are given. Better grades indicate better work. I completely agree that grades do encourage the students to learn and work more.

Grades develop a competitive spirit among students. When I see my friends getting better grades in a subject, even I am compelled to work more and get good grades. It's human nature to want everything that others have. Better grades show the interest a student has in a particular subject. Zeal to work more creeps in. Sincerity towards work increases and self confidence boosts up.

Generally, students with good grades attract attention. Other students seek their advice and take help from their notes. Once a student gets a better grade, he strives to give his best. Parents feel proud of their children and encourage them to work more. Students realise the importance of hard work in life. They try to excel in everything they do. Also, to pursue a career of their own choice a student needs good grades in the lower classes and this encourages him/her.

Certain demerits of the grade system are that it segregates the students based on their grades. Students with good grades don't mingle with the ones with low grades. Students are discouraged when they work hard and end up with a low grade. This is discouraging and lowers the morale of the student and their enthusiasm fades away.

The merits of the grading system out way its demerits and hence it is relevant to say that grades encourage students to learn more.
Nov 10, 2010
Undergraduate / "Be Prepared" and "No Sacrifice, No Victory!" [3]

to start with with your letter is fantastic. i mean its been a long time since i last read a letter so enticing and personal. i feel that the setences in the body are bit too long as in they should be short and sweet.the little sarcasm involved is nice! and a few grammatical mistakes like "do to" in place of "due to" can be ignored. well done! ALL D BEST vampire angel
Nov 10, 2010
Writing Feedback / Media info advantages and disadvantages: comics, books, radio, TV, film, theater [4]

the first line has to more effective.merits and demerits sounds better in essays.third line " for people who spend most of their time either working or travelling radio is the best way to stay updated."

2nd para 2 line "we are many a time."
3rd para demerits of films: films target only certain age groups at times.
all films cannot be watched with family members.
films expose a lot of aspects in life and only the correct ones should be followed.
u can do better!
Nov 10, 2010
Graduate / Why do people attend college or university (degree, career, educated citizens)? [4]

People attend college or university for many different reasons. why do you think people attend college or university?

College or university play a very crucial role in the development of an individual. In my opinion people attend college or university primarily for three reasons:

- To attain a degree in a professional course or field
- For a good career or job opportunity
- And to become matured and well-educated citizens of the country who can contribute to its progress.

Colleges have well trained professors for every field. These professors impart theoretical as well as practical knowledge specific to a field which helps a student to master in it. Professors have experience which allows them to bring out the best in every student. And a degree certificate from a reputed college or university always helpful either for further studies or for a good job.

It is very important for every individual to be financially independent in the present scenario. Colleges or universities have job fairs which help the students to take up jobs in their respective fields and also give them a broad idea about the job market. Students are already having a job if they are absorbed by any company in the job fair which encourages them to perform well in their academics. Also students have a sense of pride for acquiring their first job on their own merit.

A college or university helps in shaping up an individual completely. Apart from academics, the college has sports facilities, arts room, inter-college competitions which give an opportunity for overall development of a student. A student can learn new skills as well as showcase his talents. A college has many students of the same age working towards a similar goal to succeed in life. It provides a lot of exposure and prepares students to face different challenges throughout life.

Thus, in my opinion there are a variety of reasons why people attend college or university with the basic one being to evolve as an educated individual in life who can take care of his/her own responsibilities.