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Dec 30, 2010
Undergraduate / "Yonatan Netanyahu - never heard of him" - Give advice to a leader [3]

I think this has good ideas, but ultimately could be improved by adding a more personal touch to some areas
I agree with paul's idea.

Last para graph :
I feel uncomfortable offering any kind of advice to Yoni, because he was quite better than me in so many ways.

... I will selfishly just take some for myself, on how to live with integrity,and grace and how to influence others to do the same.

I have edited it a bit.
good luck.
Dec 30, 2010
Undergraduate / (Common Good brings change) Bowdoin Supplement [NEW]

Everyone may have different definitions of the Common Good but to me it's a name to bring a change. I believe societies are not mine, not yours, not theirs but ours. In understanding the purpose of life, I have drawn a conclusion that we are here to make a change. I surely believe that I am gifted with an ability to inspire and lead others for our common good.

Last year when I volunteered to teach the juniors, I learned a lot from that experience. I learned that in order for students to understand the theories in a better way and to keep their interest in lessons, one needs to be an inspiring teacher. I started to bring in humor, discussions and at times made up stories of my experience as a student. The class was no longer a routine class with half the students waiting for recess bell to ring, rather an experience which is an inspiring memory for me. As a result my class students used to attend an extra Saturday's session as it was more than a learning experience; we shared good and bad experiences ranging from mobile phone bills to pocket money while applying all the theoretical accounting techniques.

I still plan to participate in any opportunity where I can help to bring a change in students thinking, to give them an out of a box experience. Not only this, I can also simply start to be a part of volunteer teams promoting health benefits of organic foods. As we know obesity is a problem in America.

We cannot afford to wait for someone else to help us. Everyone has to do their part - we can bring together people of good will and good common sense to play their parts. According to my belief this duty is not mine, not yours, not theirs but ours and we have to stand for it! Bowdoin is a university which is already doing the task of common good by asking the new applicants to share their experiences.

Woodrow T. Wilson - American 28th President of the United States
rightly says :
There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.

I have to cut it short because it exceeds the limit with 120 words. please tell me what to exclude and from where.
Dead line is today. Please help.
Dec 30, 2010
Undergraduate / "student faculty connection is important; International Business" - Dickinson [2]

In addition to curriculum, grades and activities, Dickinson's Admissions Committee looks for purpose, potential and self-reflection. Explain why you have chosen to apply to Dickinson and how your interests, talents and goals fit with Dickinson's distinctive character.

I grew up in a school system where student faculty connection is of paramount importance. This approach was not only effective but also helped me to learn with ease. Dickinson College has 10 to 1 student faculty ratio, which makes it unique. It has been my dream to study in such system even after school, and to me Dickinson is a 'dream come true'. I believe this methodology will help me to grow individually academically and intellectually.

I have found Business Studies a valuable subject, ever since I started studying it in O level, which has blessed me with the power of planning. One of my duties, as the Head Boy of school, is to plan and manage school events, get-togethers and field trips. Now the time has come to grow, beyond school life, and learn practically. The study of businesses and corporations need much more than view points and planning. Dickinson is known for its curriculum and International Business program. I want to think globally and understand how to bring different cultures together. My dream can only be fulfilled if I pursue my studies at Dickinson.

Dec 30, 2010
Undergraduate / What is this world and what it really taught me? - Chicago extended essay [3]

brilliant work man.
I'm in love with your work. What a nice idea it is.
You need to edit some grammar mistakes. I cannot help you with editing but i can advise that you can ask your friend to do it for you. Maybe your school's head boy? Please consult him.

Dec 19, 2010
Essays / "A New Beginning" - Common App essay [11]

Is it? Thanks for such a nice message. I'm a new user here who didn't know the way.
you're the only who got my message and you can continue to do your thing. =)
Dec 18, 2010
Essays / "A New Beginning" - Common App essay [11]

Well actually i was from a rich family. In my society, students do not customarily work for their living.
Dec 18, 2010
Essays / "A New Beginning" - Common App essay [11]

This is my common app essay. Please critique and advise. Thanks.

A New Beginning

I felt like the air was being sucked out of my lungs and the ground was getting closer and closer. It seemed like my mind was separating from my body and it was getting harder and harder for me to breathe. I fell from the roof of my house trying to catch a stray kite. Kite. Flying kites has been an escape route for me from reality. My fantasy was to touch the sky!

My father had to sell the only car we had to pay for my hospital bills and then things went spiraling down. It seemed like a picture, a drama, unfolding itself with me being a passive actor or a nightmare, where I was stuck and could not do anything. I hit bottom when the financial crunch came to our doorstep.

It was fall of 1999, life became very hard for me when my dad came to my room, as I was getting ready to sleep, to tell me that his business was not doing well and he could not pay for my tuition fee. His next words shattered my world that I will not be able to go to school. At first I couldn't comprehend what he meant, but it finally dawned that it was a simple fact that my father with his failing business could not support five children.

As a child I decided to sell my toys and get a job to help my father financially. But in reality I was helpless sixth grader, stuck between devil and the deep blue sea. Since being so young I could not get any kind of job in Pakistan, unlike other countries, where face saving is a practice still observed in a closed society. Where I lived it was not possible to go and mow lawns or wash cars to support my father.

For five long years I suffered quietly seeing my friends moving ahead in life while I was home not really doing anything constructive. All I did was fly kites wishing I was the kite up high in the sky, taking a bird eye view of the world, rather being stuck in a situation where I was

I roamed around uselessly with my street friends. I was exposed to unsavory street life before my time.
Then like a bolt from the blue, a family friend told my father about Lahore Learning Campus, my current school, where I got admission on need bases. I was a 17 years boy when I was admitted to 6th grade; this new school was even tougher for me to adjust. First, my class mates were around 13 years old. Secondly, I was butt of all their jokes; they mocked at me, whenever I scored A's or excelled in any other competition, since I was older, they thought it was easy for me to achieve. They were oblivious to the pain I suffered and how hard it was for me to come back to catch my dreams.

Today I am in control of my life and it is in my hands. I work hard and sacrifice my time for better and positive things that can make me change this world. I was nominated Deputy Head Boy for the school, a beginning where my personality underwent a metamorphosis. Performing in school plays, presenting school in competitions, winning sports matches was one aspect, the other was my goal. I still remember my mother's crying face, when I was awarded with the shield for academic excellence and Principle's role of honor.

I have learned to adapt and adjust when faced with a challenge. Life has taught me lessons; if you have faith in yourself then you can achieve your dreams. I am a survivor, walking down the memory lane was not an easy experience. My enthusiasm to learn, desire to experience and will to try again and again has helped me to change my life. Today as the Head Boy of school, I love helping juniors, especially those who do not have a can do attitude.

I now strongly believe "If you've never failed, you've never lived": and I Bilal Mahmood has learned to live.