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Feb 1, 2012
Writing Feedback / TOEFL-- One or two close friends vs. a large number of casual acquaintances [3]

Do you agree or disagree? It's better to have one or two close friends than to have a large number of casual acquaintances. Minimum of 300 words. (344 words)

There is no need for me to put any emphasis on the advantage of having a large number of casual acquaintance. However, I still agree that it's better to have one or two close friends than to have a large number of casual acquaintances.

We can not deny that being a friend with someone is different from only being acquaintant. First, It's not easy to make friend with anyone. I believe friends are people who have great compatibility with each other. After two years in college I have found sometimes there is more differences between people than similarities, for we are growing in the different families and was educated in various ways. Sometimes acquaintances are just acquaintances.We spend time together but we could never be friend. So, it's much easier to have some casual acquaintances than have some close friends.

Second, close friends can easily understand each others feelings. Because of the similarity I talked before, acquaintances probably not able to understand you better than your friends. Moreover, they wouldn't even spare time to consider your feelings. Everyone play the role of acquaintance and friend at the same time. Being friendly is a good way to treat a acquaintance but way not enough for a friend. When my friend is sick, I would not only ask if he is okay like an acquaintance but do my best to make him get well as soon as possible. If my friend is going to the wrong direction in his life trail, I will try my best to pull him back, but not stand and stare like it's not of my business. And I believe my friend will do the same to me. In conclusion, a friend is a person you care about.

To me, friends are the most important people in my life second to my family. I am the kind of person who has only one or two close friends, and I am fully content that I have such nice friends. If someone exchange my friends with thousands of acquaintances, I will definitely say NO.

Thank you!!
Feb 1, 2012
Writing Feedback / 'people deserve to be known for what they did' - - TOEFL [3]

Currently, there are a lot of awards and prizes that are given to the people that more stand out in several areas. Some people disagree with this, because they believe that these prizes don't have useful purpose. They think that these awards just increase the fame of the people. However, in my view, it's very important to reward people that did help in the develop of their area (sound weird). In addition, this prizes can be useful to these people carry on with their projects and attract the attention of the public.

I think that the people deserve be known for what they did. Because, these people spend huge(maybe better?) time in their projects. Some of these people give up of their personal life to dedicate to their works. Furthermore, many of these projects have great influence in our lives. For example, some scientists spend their whole live researching about treatments and medicines to cure diseases. Therefore, the prizes are a way of the society thanks these people .(sound weird)(the prizes are a way of the society to give back what they deserve. maybe better?)

Moreover, when a prize is given for a person, generally his project gain stand out. Because of it, this person can earn grants and it allows the people carry on his work. For instance, consider a scientist in a university with little resources. The award attract sponsors to their research and due to it, he is able to buy more materials and has more students in the laboratory.

nice point, i didn't thought about that. Finally, the award attracts the attention of the public to the work. This is very important in some situations. For example, people that help children in poor countries. When these people gain some award, the public knows their work. Thus, some people enroll in the project.

To sum up, awards and prizes are very important.The, in fact, have (farfetched)useful purposes like help the people carry on their projects and stand out important causes.

Just little suggestions, I'm taking TOEFL this month. Good luck to you!
Jan 5, 2012
Undergraduate / (Future Farmer of America / Military training) - Transfer [3]

Please help me with gramma and sentenses. And do you think it's good enough for a international transfer student? How do you feel when you reading it?

Thank you for your time!!

Essay:Please provide a statement addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve, and attach it to you application before submission.250 words minimum

I have been an exchange student during high school for a year in Henryetta, Oklahoma, where I experienced a completely different life. I fed goats, watched FFA(Future Farmer of America) competition of pigs and roosters, taught Chinese to people at the church. Upon my return from the US, I came to realize having an international background can be more competitive in the future. After studying two years in SWUFE, I can briefly tell how I will study through the next two years. Sometimes, Chinese education can be lack of creativity and real-life practice. I believe University of Delaware can compensate this weakness. University of Delaware has an ideal location on the east coast, close to big cities like NY and Washington DC. This will provide considerable opportunities. People say,"Accounting is a international language." As a accounting major student, I feel its necessary to be close to the central of economy world.

My reasons for transferring are not entirely to fulfill my academic needs. Exploring different cultures is something that I have always taken a keen interest in. Moreover, education should not be limited in the classroom. To study under foreign education system and live in a foreign country is is already an education, which I can never have by only continuing my college here in China.

People always dream of something different and better. Leaving home to another country means I have to say goodbye to family, friend and familiar environment. However, I'm now looking forward to pushing myself to experience places that aren't quite so familiar. The small town of Henryetta was one such environment, and the University of Delaware would be another. I won't regret it.

Short Answer:Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below or on an attached sheet(150 words or less)

Military training is probably the best way to shape a person's character and foster one's capability in a surprisingly short time.
We were forced to stand under the dazzling sunshine like an soldier for an hour and not allowed to move. We only took two showers in two weeks, sharing one shower head with other four girls. Orienteering was fun, but drained all our energy. Moreover, we cannot refuse but to use the worst maintained bathroomI'd ever seen. But sometimes it's not bad to be in harsh conditions, I witnessed the strong momentum of a unity. The relationship among our classmate was closer than ever before.

Military training is the growing catalyst of me. Two weeks, I experienced an incredible fatigue. I'm was being shaped into a stronger person without knowing. I've changed in so many ways after the two weeks. Now I have a better sense of discipline and hardly complain on anything because I have been through military training.