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Apr 29, 2012
Writing Feedback / TPO 2 - 'telling the truth is indispensable in our daily life' [2]

Do you agree or disagree
Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Truth is one of the important things that we human being pursuit for so long. Truth makes people feel secure and informed of the things happening around. Thus, being honest is extremely vital in sustaining relationships. Of course, lies can work well in case of some special situation.

Nobody likes to be betrayed. Living in the world, we need to build relationship with different peoples, our family members, our friends, our colleagues and our partners. No matter what kind of relationship we start to construct, we expect others to be honest. This is the elementary virtue. Imagining some of your friends who seems close to you speak ill of you when you are absent, what will you feel? Imagining some of your colleagues who treat you well at work refuse to help you after they promise to do so, what will you feel? Imagining some of your family members who often care about you steal your money at home, what will you feel? Most of us will become frustrated and depressed. We might no longer believe the world and block ourselves in the state of isolation. Such betray are destructive and the effect can last long. So in terms with well developed relationship, we must take honesty into consideration seriously. Few of us can afford the great price.

However, always telling the truth does not mean present the fact as it is. One can make some little change in order to make it more acceptable. For example, if a girl asks you whether she is fat or not, you should not simply answer that she is not in a good shape. Even though it is the truth, it hurts. Thus we should put it in another way like you look gorgeous and it is better if you keep doing exercise. And we can do it together! Truths are not always welcome, try to adjust it. Suppose someone has been infected with some rare disease and he is going to die. When asked about how long he will live, you should not directly tell him the truth. Just encourage him and accompany him. Maybe there will be a miracle. But, once he knows the truth, hardly can he surviving.

In sum, telling the truth is indispensable in our daily life. It helps to attain a lifelong relationship. However, some white lies are also acceptable occasionally. We should learn to protect the people we love and make full use of the truth to provide them with a comfortable and sound life.
Apr 27, 2012
Writing Feedback / Some people think that politicians have the greatest influence on the world. [3]

I think you've really done a good job except for some unnatural expressions. For example,

Both of these roles have a significant impact in the lives of the people about the decisions and the reforms them make.

I think people lives are better than lives of the people . and "have impact on sth" not "in sth"
Apr 26, 2012
Scholarship / A camp counselor at Camp Cispus (extracurricular activities) [2]

I have volunteered for Christmas in the Park since 2004, and this has always been one of my favorite volunteer activities.

I have also volunteered for Christmas in the Park (where?) since 2004, which was one of my favorite voluntary jobs.

I think it will be better to transform some repeated words such as volunteer activities into others
Apr 24, 2012
Writing Feedback / We should recognize the valuable information and eject the junk one [4]

Do you agree or disagree
In order to be well-informed, a person must get information from many different news sources.

We are living in the Information Age, and we are exposed to infinite information every day. In order to get the most objective information and dismiss the bias ones, we should read information from different views. But it never means the more the better.

Information from various perspectives can provide us with more fidelity. When we want to know something, it is inevitable that we must refer to some information on the Internet or other media. However, if we only concentrate on one of them, chances will be high that we will not get the comprehensive understanding, let alone build our objective views of it. All the information provided has been merged into the personal idea of the editors. That means what we read is mostly the information that the editors want to convey to us but not the truth itself. However, human beings have their own emotions and values. These subjective aspects will be put into the words they expressed. Thus for the sake of a thorough investigation of the news without being interfering by them, the best way is to consult more information about it from different sources. It is undeniable that no matter what we read, there is some preference related to it. But as a whole, the information will be much reliable since we gather diverse message, some are which are even opposite to each other. Then we can distinguish what is most trustworthy to our own tastes.

However, too much information can be of nonsense at all. As mentioned above, the information is countless nowadays. It is impossible for us to cover all of them before we form an informed attitude towards an event and it is totally unnecessary. Everyone has its own thought, they can present their opinion whenever they like. Yet, even if the opinions are infinite, the main idea can be just classified into finite groups. And in the same group, the comments are more or less the same. Therefore, we need only rely on the mainstream in each group regardless of all of them. I think they are much enough for us to form our own opinion. Otherwise, we will be exhausted and find nothing at all in the end.

In sum, information is extremely important for us. We should recognize the valuable messages and eject the junk ones by referring appropriate amount versions of information. Should we grasp the most reliable information, we could fully take advantage of it and make a better application.

Ps: I am happy to visit the forum, and I hope to make friends here! ^_^
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