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Apr 21, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS; Money spending on space exploration is a complete waste/ Agree or disagree? [2]

Please help to improve my writing skills, preparing for IELTS exam. Kindly suggest to me how can I improve my skills to write an essay (to secure reasonable Band in) 40 mins. Sometimes it is very hard for me to brainstrom and express all within that time. I shall be thankful to anyone who could suggest some key points. Thanking you

billions of dollars on space research

Throughout the history of mankind, we humans have always been eager to explore the world and space around us. Many developed countries have been funding the research programs aim at developing and improving the technology for space exploration. On the other hand, several research programs aim at improving the quality of life and providing the basic necessities of life to needy people have not been implemented due to lack of funds. The question, however, whether or not money spends on space exploration is a complete waste, is a controversial one. I believe, given all the troubles in today's world, spending money on space exploration is a complete waste for many reasons.

First, space exploration projects require billions of dollars to carry out the research, train astronauts, and develop specialized human and robotic spacecrafts. Typically, each project lasted for many years with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy and results that can be helpful to mankind. At the same time, the population of the earth has been increasing at an alarming rate. It goes without saying that even so many successful achievements in life sciences, billions of people have been struggling day and night only to earn the very basic necessities of life and millions of people have nothing to eat at all. Several underdeveloped countries with over hundred million-population don't have any health system for the people.

Second, as a human, it is much more important to solve the mystery of several severe or life-threatening diseases of the world rather than solving the mystery of universe spreading through limitless space. It is shocking to read, tens of thousands of people are dying of cancer every year around the world. In many cases, patients died either due to lack of funds or there was no research for the specific tumour available at the time. In addition to that, we don't even have discovered the cure of AIDs. All of these people could be given a chance to live if adequate funds and research were available. For the sake of space exploration spending billions of dollars is not worth in comparison to human life.

As a brief, given all the troubles in the world and presence of life-threatening diseases killing thousands of people, it is not worth to spend the money to space exploration. Governments, especially in developed countries, should fund research projects aim at facilitating the needy people and underdeveloped countries so that the standard of living can be improved in other socioeconomic classes. If necessary, each space research project should be critically evaluated with respect to its impact on life on earth. With each dollar we spent on space research we can save many lives on earth.
Apr 16, 2013
Writing Feedback / Solve the environmental problems by increasing the fuel prize. Agree or disagree. [2]

I would appreciate if anyone could review the essay and help me to improve by writing skills.. for IELTS exam. Thanks...

During the last few years, there has been a tremendous surge of interest in environmental issues due to escalating growth of environmental problems around the world. Many technical reports reveal that range of factors have been propagating this phenomenon. The question about whether or not alone fuel is significantly effecting the world's environment is a skeptic one. Several people suggest that the obvious solution to this problem is to increase the cost of fuel. I disagree with this solution for many reasons.

First, in today's world, where we have limited energy resources, fuel is as important as nucleus to the cell. We need fuel to run, for instance, automobiles, factories, robots, machines, dams, motorbikes, airplanes, ships, and generators. In fact most of the technological advancements could not been possible to envision or fully functional without energy extracted from the fuel. Increasing the prize of fuel will limit their usefulness in the workplace.

Second, there has been a high correlation between the prize of fuel and the cost of daily use products. Everyday, we need vehicles including cars and trucks, to move, for instance, the fresh vegetables and other stuff from rural to urban areas. Therefore, increasing the fuel prize will eventually increase the cost of these commodities and as a result, the budget of each family will be severely affected.

In brief, one of the obvious solutions to control worlds' environment problems is to identify other energy resources that could compensate the fuel energy requirements. More importantly, Government should provide adequate funds to different research laboratories for this purpose and lunch campaigns and T.V advertisements to discourage people from misusing of fuel. They should facilitate investors interested in developing efficient solar kits for energy purposes. Only by doing this, the environment problems can be overcome in a systematic manner.
Apr 15, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS; How should schools select their students? [3]

The academic abilities vary from one student to another ----- The academic abilities of students varied differently at different times and stages.

Equally varied the opinions of people about whether or not having student with different abilities study together is more beneficial -- The question about whether or not schools should select students based on their mind set and abilities, whether or not students with different academic abilities are more beneficial is a controversial/skeptic one.

Through this essay I will analyze both points of view.------ It is better to explicitly mention, the side you agree with

Some people say that selecting student who have better abilities and are fast learners can be more beneficial for them as it will give them a chance to study advanced levels of the education program and complete them faster.----- Some people believe that students with natural abilities or high IQ levels are fast learner, they can learn new things in a short time

In India for instance, a student can be moved from one grade to the next in the midterm, if he found to be smarter than his colleagues. For instance, in india, a smarter/ an intelligent student can be moved from one grade level to next, faster than his or her peers