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Mar 2, 2015
Writing Feedback / I do not agree to follow the same curriculum through all that period of time; GRE essay [7]

I would rephrase some. this is my own ideas. nothing is ensured to be right.
Education plays a very important/vital role in our development asa part of the society as . It helps us to create our own identity, to identify what do we like, what do we want, and what are we are good at. This process starts with preschool all the way to grade 12, where we already have formed our own criterion as well as having an idea about which role we do want to play during the rest of our productive lives. whether we decide to continue through college or simply choose a different path.

Therefore I do not agree/go along with the decision of makingforcing all of the students to follow the same curriculum through all that period of time. We humans are very different individuals since we all have our own very particular skills and capabilities, such as our own way of learning, our own way toof perceiving and expressing things. With this reasoning I mean that not all students have the same learning capabilities/methods nor the same interests and not all teachers use the same teaching methods nor having the similar backgrounds.

Although, I strongly believe that this process may be ideal until 9th grade as during this period of time is where we learn the basics of the education, for what I agree that it should be standardized but only until this point in time, and from then on everyone should be able to choose its / him or her own path based on each individual's interests and capabilities.
Oct 30, 2014
Writing Feedback / 'broader roads, logical control'; stuck on road in rush hours - many cars, motorbikes move slowly [2]

The best way for governments to solve the problem of traffic congestion is providing free public transport in 24 hours per day, and seven days a week. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is stuck on road in rush hours and many cars, motorbikes move slowly. Traffic jams has been a big concern of society for long time. It is thought that if government supports free-ticket for passengers who use public transport means, it will be the best solution for traffic jams but I obviously do not think as that way.

There are two reasons making free-ticket for public means do not work effectively.

Firstly, the fee of tickets is not a reason leading to used private car overload, which the main reason makes traffic jams. People, who use private vehicles, have money and they do not want to use public means due to its inconveniences. While, people, who use public means, do not have much money to afford for private means so they are not factors do traffic jams. Therefore, even free ticket do not attract people, who have money, turn from using private into public means and nothing changes.

Secondly, the fee of ticket now is cheap and affordable for almost people to buy so even free ticket or not, it is full filled in public means now. If free-ticket law is enacted, it may cause some troubles such as: people, who have a little money, are willing to pay a driver to get on bus soon so it is not fair for people, who do not have money, did stand in queue for a while.

In conclusion, free ticket may just supports for the poor and improves their living standard rather than a solution for congestion. What we need to do is try to make the road broader or control the traffic logically.
Oct 22, 2014
Writing Feedback / Robots will play a crucial role in 21 first century [2]

-replace "a lot of or lots of" by abundance of, many, a huge number , plenty of, the majority of.
-because it is convenient... >due to its convenience and helpfulness ( try to use noun phrases as much as possible)
- the majority of countries
- check plural noun mistake.
- should improve structrure of essay.
hope these useful for u.
Oct 22, 2014
Writing Feedback / Title: there are many children in a family in the past. Which advantages or disadvantages outweigh. [3]

- I m appreciate to receive feedbacks. i cannot seek out my own gramma mistake. thanks for help.

Day by day, the family size has been scaled back so as to suitable for the development of the world while there were many siblings in a family in the past. ? It seems that family with more children has more benefits but I personally think that the drawbacks dominate over the benefits.

In terms of advantages, it would be not only convenient to learn and share from siblings or more bliss in life but also safer when having brothers and sisters side by side. Moreover, teachers nor parents obviously do not have enough time to help us to understand everything. Therefore, siblings were great for us at that time due to a plenty of support from them. Next, in some cases it is not easy for us to share or get ideas from adult and thanks to brothers, sisters; we may solve our issues easier. Furthermore, with many siblings, we get a better protection from some threat outside.

In contrast, despite many benefits which it brings to the drawbacks are far bigger such as difficulty in management and solving issues and the worst was financial limitation of family in the past. Firstly, we all know that how hard parents educate and bring children up in case of family with one or two children and to compare with the bigger size of family, it is not easy at all. Parents could not give thorough care to each of their children due to the lack of time. Therefore, the children may not get good growing up. The last, limitation about finance is concerned issue in the past., especially after economic crisis in 1929 or in the country having war. For one perfect growing up, how much does it cost? It is a huge amount of money so there were abundance of children in the past is the burden for parents.

To sum up, the limitation about finance is huge and the world's trend is that family with two children so it is obviously that the pros outweigh the cons for family with too many children.

Oct 22, 2014
Writing Feedback / Qualification is still the fundamental determinant of an employee's competency of their jobs.(ielts) [2]

With the increased educational level of workforce, there are a/the ( depend on ur view) growing number of employers seeking criteria other than qualifications such as ( need not for just only one example) social skills in their employee selection process. However, some employers still believe that qualifications should be the most paramount criterion. The essay intends to explore both sides of arguments and also present my own opinion.

Firstly, some people suggest that qualification should be the foremost measurement to determine the value of a employer. It is of importance that workers should be well educated and trained to perform duties of their job. Specifically, people who work in professional fields such as medicals ( health care) are required (requiring) to have a university degree and years of experience. Social skills seem to be less important as they cannot contribute to the success of a surgery.

On the other hand, it is no doubt that the importance of social skills have (has) been recognized by increasing number of employers. It is because people nowadays are required to work as a team in their jobs frequently. Interpersonal skill plays an essential role in helping colleagues to cooperate with each other (others), especially when conflicts arise. Better social skills allow them to resolve disagreements (debates/ arguments) in a much more harmony way. Besides, organizations have been transformed to customers oriented.( customer orientation/ oriented cus). Excellent social skills can help employees maintain strong relationship with their clients which thus lead to a (and gain) better customer satisfaction.

To my view ( so sum up/ in conclusion, etc.), I incline to believe qualification is still the fundamental determinant of an employee's competency of their jobs. Yet, the importance of social skills should not be neglected as those skills can help one to perform their job effectiveness and efficiency by facilitating interaction and communication with others
Oct 15, 2014
Writing Feedback / International travel agencies are going to reduce their fees for people. Discuss advantages and dis. [4]

I have little writting skill. Hope help me.thansks for all.
In this tough economic market, the variety of people are struggling with life due to the high inflation. Therefore, it is not allow them to spend much money on vacation. As we know traveler love low paid hotels and rooms for rent because they want to spend money for discover the place they came. To solve this issue, a great number of international travel agencies cut down their fee for customers and with that strategy, the companies are able to catch some benefits in short run and damages in long run also.

About the advantages, they are explicitly to see due to the purpose of this strategy, which try to attract customers as much as possible. Furthermore, the main purpose of strategy is brand name maintenance. When the cost for a ticket downs, it obviously attract the customers and in the long time, people's mindset will be set up that this travel company have a good reputation due to a huge number of customers per year. Subsequently, the travel companies just need to keep the strategy and wait for the recovery of economy.

Apart from the advantage, implicit risks are waiting them. Firstly, the strategy mainly reduce the cost for customer which means the travel agencies are forced to pick the cheap hotels, restaurants and lessen their profit .Some agencies accept to run business without profit and others run with small profit. If they are not able to predict when the economy will revive, they will get loss because they are trading off between the time, which is may not profitable, for the reputation in future.

In short, everything has both sides; therefore we need to consider which does outweigh. In my opinion, the strategy is suitable for now tough circumstance.