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Your ambition during job interview

What the best answer for ambition during job interview for administration job?


the company follow your operate-pattern which you suggested. however, situation should be decided on the different position.
haha. But it is a little risky. I have never had an interview for any jobs before. I just think that during an interview, interviewees when asked about reasons or ambitions will all talk about the company 's prestige, fame or promotion (maybe). so it is better if we can create a strong impression to make us different from everyone. :D. Just my opinion.
Jul 11, 2012   #6
Oh I quite wonder that you don't have any interview before, but I absolutely agree with your opinion. I think you need to make yourself outstanding from the others, so that you will get a job.;)

In addition, I think it is quite crucial that interviewee should know some details about the company's history. It will help to make impression too.

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