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Biotechnology - Motivational letter for master program in university

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Nov 15, 2022   #1
Please correct me if there is any mistakes I made, thanks in advance.

The Letter of Motivation

Dear all,
I am writing to you to apply for master program in your university in biotechnology. This project interest me due to its focus on the living systems like micro-organisms and its underlying combined with engineering. I have been really concerned about microorganism since I have learned that they could be modified through the use of technology which helped for improving the healthcare and other realms of life.

I recently earned my bachelor's degree in Pharmacy, where I completed my thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. (name). My research focused on Bacteriophage therapy to overcome the antibiotic resistance crisis by manipulating its DNA to attack a certain bacterium. Throughout the research I found out that bacteriophage could be used as a carrier for drugs and genes or used as vaccine. During this period, I have not only learned about bacteriophage in general, but also took the study a step further towards applying it as therapy, but we encountered a small problem that a bacterium could develop a resistance toward the phage. However, we were able to solve the problem by working together with Dr (name). This experience has taught me persistence and the importance of collaboration.

I noticed that I have more interest on biotechnological studies rather than other aspects of pharmacy and decided to pursue my educational career in this field. However, because there is lack of courses related with biotechnology in (city), I enrolled a course about bioinformatics offered by University of (name), I followed the weekly lectures, which reinforced my interest in biotechnology. Unfortunately, it is not enough to educate and improve myself and this is the reason why I pursued a master degree.

To sum up, I am very interested with this field and I believe that this is the correct position for a person like me since my enthusiasm and academic background provide me the ability to solve biotechnological problems by applying both science and engineering principles. Moreover, this position is a great opportunity for improving my knowledge and learning new techniques in this field.

Please find attached copy of my resume and academic records. I look forward to hearing from you.
Feel free to contact me, should you have any question I will please to answer them.
Thank you for your time and consideration

Yours sincerely,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,879 4563  
Nov 16, 2022   #2
The letter could be more straight forward in explaining the motivation. Since this appears to be a continuing research based education, the writer should center his motivation on the further development or the next stage of his bacteriophage research as a medicine delivery tool. It would better highlight the relationship between his undergraduate and post graduate interests. Be creative in showing the reviewer how and why you wish to take your studies to the next research level. Discuss the potential medical breakthrough that your advanced studies and continuing research, as supported by the university and their professors can offer you. Motivate them to accept you as a candidate by exciting them about your learning and research potential. It would be even better if you can connect any professional lab research or experience with your continuing research motivation and interests. It will give them a glimpse of your applicable research skills as a part of your continuing research graduate studies.

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