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Letter of explanation for study permit in Canada

KyryloLvov 1 / -  
May 21, 2020   #1

Letter to Canadian embassy

Hello everyone! I've just finished writing my letter to Canadian embassy and would like to hear some feedback on it. Is there anything I should add or remove from it?

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kyrylo Lvov. I wish to apply for a study permit. I am currently finishing High School in Ukraine. I was accepted to Humber College for Fall 2020 Advanced Diploma program. I will be studying Computer Engineering Technology for three years.

It has always been my dream to study abroad and after visiting a few conferences about studying overseas, I chose Canada to look for a college, thanks to its multi-cultural society and quality of education. Ukraine is a developing country and we are expecting a rise in the demand for programmers for the next few years. By learning Computer Engineering in an already developed country I can guaranteed to have the latest knowledge to be on the front when I return to Ukraine.

The reason I chose Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning was the fact that this college provides excellent advanced education for in demand professions. Additionally, Canada occupies second place in education, has the reputation for having the friendliest people and was ranked the safest place in the world. It was at Canada studying conference that I was introduced to Humber College. After a brief discussion with the university's representative, I decided that I would apply for an Advanced Diploma at this college.

In all honesty, I consider myself to be an ambitious and a hardworking student, which is why I usually give it all to studying. I am praised by a lot of my teachers for my honesty, commitment and my attitude towards my work. Another good thing about me is that my ability to connect what I have learned with each other and apply it to real life. Because of my passion for programming, I have already started my Front-End developer journey and learnt HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as some frameworks. I consider web development as my hobby and I practice coding every day. Therefore, I have done a few projects while helping my family and friends with building and designing websites. I believe my strength is in my will to learn and achieve success. That is why I was participating in Olympiads in English and Mathematics throughout my school years. In my final year I have got second place in the regional English Olympiad.

My father is paying my tuition fees and my living expense as well. I was told that international students studying at Canada can work part-time at twenty hours per week, so I'm planning to work and save some money for my needs. Throughout the studying process I will be living at a homestay with a Canadian family as I haven't reached age of majority yet.

My plan is to finish my Advanced Diploma in Canada and return back to Ukraine and start my career in Software Development. In addition to that, the need for developers rises worldwide and many companies around the world are seeking for professional developers in East Europe. With Canadian higher education, I can almost guarantee to acquire a well-paid job in the first month that I return home and work for the benefit of my country.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application,


Kyrylo Lvov
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,895 4569  
May 21, 2020   #2
I am reading this from the point of view of a visa officer. Frankly speaking, the letter of explanation is not strong enough. You are not convincing the visa officer that you have enough reason to want to study in Canada, but then go back to your home country after your studies. The fact that you are a minor, who is speaking of needing to work in Canada, even as your father supports your studies does not paint a reliable picture of your potential student status. You have to convince the officer that although you are going to be spending 3 academic years as a student in Canada, you will go back to your home country with every chance you get, specially during the long summer break. During the summer break, you should show an intention of continuing your skills development while in the Ukraine. That way, the officer might be convinced that you will not become an undocumented immigrant in Canada after you complete your studies.

The reason why you chose to study in Canada is not very convincing. It is too shallow in representation. You should be showing an interest in being exposed to a particular computer field that Canada excels in, which was the reason why you were drawn to study this course in Canada. The letter of explanation needs to show that you are more interested in creating a network with Canadian computer engineers who can be of help to you once you return to the Ukraine. Don't forget, your studies should so that you have a future goal which will be served best by having a Canadian education. Right now, the essay lacks that reference and clarity. Make sure that you do a few things in the letter:

- Make it clear you have specific reasons for wanting to study computer engineering in Canada rather than in the Ukraine where the course is also offered

- Do not indicate that you plan to work in Canada as a student. It may be misconstrued on the visa officers part while assessing your application. Just say your dad is paying your way and supporting you financially throughout your studies.

- How you plan to go back home during academic breaks to hone your skills within an appropriate setting. Set up the idea that you do not plan to stay in Canada longer than the academic years require

- Explain how you plan to use the network to improve your country's access to current computer engineering technology and its future advancements on both sides. Indicate an interest in an exchange of technological information whenever possible or required to do so.

Like I said, the essay is not convincing enough at this point. I am hoping that if you focus the new letter on the suggestions I made above, your letter might have a more relevant presentation.

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