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Formal Recomendation letter for an English teacher with great potential

Thanhnga1987 1 / -  
May 4, 2021   #1

why she would be a good candidate?

I am writing this letter upon request from Ms. Nga to explain to your institute why she would be a good candidate for undertaking the program.

I worked with Nga in 2018 when she initiatively contacted me for advice on her writing English teaching solution about the approaches of integrating Mind map in English lessons with developing students' target English skills.

Firstly, I want to comment on Ms. Nga's exceptional performance. Once I still remember that I have worked with her as her advisor for her English teaching solution awarded the district prize. During that time, she worked with me to perfect every detail of solution English teaching and made her substantial effort to express her ideas in the conducting methodological presentation in the classrooms. Unlike other teachers, not only does she patiently guide students until her students comprehend the lessons, but she also supports weak students overcome their academic problems. This driving major reason she told me is that she is always obsessed about how to make her lessons compulsive. That could improve students' outcomes, especially struggling learners who have difficulty in keeping pace with their classmates, may have special needs. Therefore, she sets out to create and design perfectly stimulating e-learning lessons and adjusts the content comprehensible to deliver lower-achieving students. As a result, as I observed learners commenced to like learning English thanks to her ability to cooperate with distinct methods with the aim that her heartfelt efforts could inspire students to learn English better. I was impressed by her competencies and enthusiasm. It is undeniable that Ms. Nga does her work consistently to makes the difference. This is simply because she wants to help the community.

Apart from her endless endeavor to develop capability and hands-on experiences, she shows optimism in a hard work ethic. Voluntarily running small English classes, she provided free lessons for disadvantaged local children for the reason that learning English could help the young generation in their future path career. Thus, I am no doubt to say that she has substantially strived to improve herself in her work, and has become one of the nominated activists in my school.

She is an approachable and easy person to deal with and she has high hopes and dreams for evolving herself every day. I sincerely hope you will consider her for your program as it will motivate her. More importantly, not only could she have an opportunity to broaden her knowledge, but she also needs to make outstanding herself from the rest. She has got the potential to always push when it is hard to do so. Please do not hesitate to contact me if need any additional assistance

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
May 5, 2021   #2
undertaking the program.

What program? More importantly, who is speaking? What professional relationship do the two of you have? For how long? What inclusive years?
The introduction of the credentials of the person recommending you carries weight when considering his opinion of you. The more important his roll on position, the better placed the person is to make the recommendation.

The letter itself requires professional editing due to poor and incorrect grammar usage. The reviewer will not take this recommendation seriously as the language errors make the letter sound highly unprofessional. It is also highly obvious, based on the provided information that the student wrote the letter making it a fake recommendation. That will be enough to ban you from applying for the same scholarship in the future.

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