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My friend need some information about my country for visiting

Trang Le 1 / -  
Jan 10, 2017   #1

Binh Duong, Vietnam

Dear Nami,
How are you doing? How is your studying? Are you going to graduate soon? I am glad to receive your email and it is indeed kind of you to ask me some information about my area for visiting.

Vietnam, where I live, has many interesting places to explore. In Binh Duong, you would be impressed by many places and things of interest such as Dai Nam tourist zone, the Lai Thieu orchard, the Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer village and many places to taste outstanding Vietnamese food, etc.

the transportation in Binh Duong is not very crowded like other provinces and there are many large and flat streets. Therefore, you can hire a bicycle to run around Binh Duong. I think cycling is easy for you to go sightseeing and take a lot of photos with your friends. It also improves your health and lets you enjoy the atmosphere of the province.

In Binh Duong, there are a few museums, but there is a museum of Traditional Vietnamese Pharmacy which I think you will concern about it because it related with your studying. It has 17 rooms and each room has importance. In the museum, there is a restaurant " Delicious and Complementary" which serve nutrition food with herbal ingredients.

Welcome to Vietnam! I am sure you will enjoy visiting my country, please write to me again if you need any more information.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,635 3478  
Jan 10, 2017   #2
Trang, when you are responding to a letter from a friend about a potential visit, you should make sure to include an invitation from you to host that friend in Vietnam. That way, the letter takes on a personal feeling because you can discuss how much fun the two of you can have when visiting places that you would love to take the person. You should offer to become the tour guide because you know the best places to visit and it will help the two of you grow your friendship because you will have shared experiences after the visit is complete. The visit should not just be about telling your friend where to go and why. It should be about the places that your friend can enjoy making memories in because of the experience of going with a friend who is native to the area or country. The current information in the essay sounds more like a travelogue than you enticing a friend to make her idea of visiting your country a reality. It has to sound more personable so that the reader can be convinced that a visit to your country is something that should happen. Try to write another version of the letter. This time, try to include the invitation and fun aspect of the visit. That should improve the presentation and content of your letter.
Arlen 20 / 40 3  
Jan 10, 2017   #3
Hello, I think this is a lovely letter and indeed you know where is the fun place in your country. However, while reading your letter, I had a kind of feeling that there is no enthusiasm for you or for me to visit this country. The reason is I only see the introduction but no motivation to encourage me. I suggest you can add some personal experiences in your letter, which can let the reader feel as like in the cities with, meanwhile, the reader can know you more from your description.

Hope it helps!
masonn8 3 / 7 4  
Jan 11, 2017   #4
Hi, I like actually really liked your letter. It comes foo very friendly and warm. However I feel that for a letter like this imagery would be a very powerful tool to help entice the reader. It may be a bit difficult if you have a word limit, but still definitely worth considering.
Jan 14, 2017   #5
the transportation-> The transportation (I think you should add "Furthermore, Apart from, etc. So I think the letter will be more logical.

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