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Motivation Letter for Master's Degree in Management of Technology at TU Delft

DandyFabian 1 / -  
Jan 3, 2024   #1
Dear Admission Committee,

I am writing to express my deep interest in continuing my studies in the TU Delft Master's programme in Management of Technology with a specialization in Emerging Breakthrough Technology. My previous education in electrical engineering will undoubtedly be valuable in pursuing my master's degree here and achieving my goals.

In high school, I had the opportunity to be one of the earliest members to learn about computer programming, which became one of my first experiences with technology. Since then, I have been fascinated by how technology can enhance human life and make it more effective. This fascination continued during my bachelor's degree, where I discovered that a lot of technology is being developed and utilized. My passion for technology deepened when I learned about microcontrollers. I realized that not only could I implement technology within a computer, but I could also materialize it in devices, commonly known as the Internet of Things.

My first significant technology implementation occurred during my bachelor's thesis work. I took on the role of team leader for a three-person team tasked with addressing an industrial challenge presented by our sponsor. Our goal was to identify technologies suitable for deploying IoT devices remotely, away from conventional power and human sources. Through careful exploration, we discovered the promising LoRaWAN technology, aligning perfectly with our project criteria. This finding marked the beginning of a research initiative led by me.

In addition to my responsibilities as the team leader, I also served as the main firmware engineer for the project. My focus was on ensuring the efficiency of the devices' programs, ensuring they functioned optimally. Alongside this, I provided hands-on support to my team when they encountered challenges, whether related to hardware intricacies or application complexities. This involvement gave me a well-rounded understanding of both the hardware and applications layers, providing valuable insights into their interplay. In the end, our collaborative efforts resulted in a successful product featuring LoRaWAN technology, equipped with a durable battery and solar cell powered IoT sensor capable of enduring deployment in remote environments for at least 10 years.

Completing my bachelor's thesis marked the starting point of my journey from a Field Application Engineer at Everynet BV (IoT Virtual Network Operator Company), where I am responsible for the continuous development and implementation of our company's IoT network product. Notably, I successfully created standards for devices and applications that seamlessly integrate with our network, particularly for Advanced Metering Infrastructure projects. This initiative addressed the requirements of smart electricity meters for a local electricity meter company, presenting an opportunity for the deployment of 80 million devices. Another significant achievement involved crafting blueprints for public network deployments in 220 cities across Indonesia. These accomplishments underscore the crucial role of establishing standards in massive deployments, as they bring order to the development and execution of projects.

After two years in my professional journey, I earned a promotion to the role of IoT Solution Architect, where I took charge of developing IoT products for company-wide use. In this capacity, I collaborated closely with our Chief Operating Officer (COO) to develop and manage multiple products utilized within Everynet. I was able to launch a product that significantly aided the sales team in approaching new customer segments seeking private network solutions. In my home country, Indonesia, the rapidly evolving field of technology management highlights a substantial need for professionals equipped to navigate and contribute to this dynamic landscape. As I aspire to contribute to the economic and technological development of my hometown, I believe that the skills and insights gained from the Management of Technology program at TU Delft will uniquely position me to make a meaningful impact on the growth and innovation of Indonesia's technology sector.

My aspiration is to become a well-rounded professional capable of navigating dynamic and competitive environments. This goal aligns seamlessly with the intriguing 'emerging breakthrough technology' course in the Management of Technology program at TU Delft, offering an exciting opportunity to blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on application and make significant contributions to the ever-evolving field of technology management.

As I delve deeper into the program, I came across a course called the 'Integration Module,' a unique feature at TU Delft where students can combine their knowledge with real business use cases. This distinctive method of learning is exclusive to TU Delft and sets it apart from other universities, reinforcing my certainty in choosing TU Delft for my further studies.

The flexibility for students to select technology profiles that align with their interests also plays a significant role in my decision to choose TU Delft for the Management of Technology program. Moreover, TU Delft offers numerous scholarships, such as the TOM Faculty Scholarship and NL Scholarship, which would greatly support my focus on studying. The professional environment at TU Delft adds to the appeal, creating an exciting atmosphere for two years of learning. In TU Delft's Master's Program in Management of Technology, the option for internships aligns perfectly with my desire to integrate learning and working simultaneously, providing a comprehensive mastery of education.

Enrolling in the elective 'Emerging Technology-Based Innovation & Entrepreneurship' reflects my strategic choice to develop a comprehensive skill set in managing novel technologies, particularly in the realms of IoT specifically in wireless technology and artificial intelligence (AI). This elective aligns with my overarching goal of understanding the profound impact and the reason behind the new emerging technologies, a proficiency that I believe is pivotal for introducing and implementing innovative technologies in my home country. Upon completion of this specialization, I anticipate gaining insights into the dynamics and emergence of new technologies. Additionally, I aim to develop a thorough understanding of corporate entrepreneurship, exploring its various contexts, forms, and its intricate relationship with strategic management.

With this elective in mind, I intend to have my rhesis supervised by Dr. G. (Geerten) van de Kaa, leveraging his profound expertise in enabling new emerging technologies. Given my experience in creating standards tailored to the unique context of developing countries, I believe I can contribute a fresh perspective that will enrich research in this specific elective. With this objective, I plan to concentrate on one of the potential thesis topics:

1."Adapting Emerging Technologies Standards for Developing Country Contexts":
Investigate the challenges and opportunities in adapting international standards for emerging technologies to suit the unique context of developing countries. Evaluate the impact of customized standards on the successful implementation and integration of new technologies. This thesis will later then focus on new wireless technology that will be implemented in IoT.

2."Implementation Method for A.I. Technology in Developing Countries with a Focus on Sustainability":
This thesis explores the implementation of AI technology in developing countries, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. It examines the use of AI and IoT for data collection to demonstrate the emerging need for sustainability in regions with abundant resources. Furthermore, it aims to propose actionable strategies and standard for integrating AI responsibly, fostering economic growth, and addressing environmental concerns within these contexts.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited to share my passion for and knowledge in the management of technology with TU Delft. It would be an honour to be a part of this esteemed university.

A clear and relevant essay in English (1,000 - 1,500 words) addressing the following:

Your motivation for choosing this MSc programme.
Why you are interested in TU Delft and what you expect to find here.
If this MSc programme has specialisation(s), which specialisation interests you the most and why?
Describe your hypothetical thesis project: what kind of project would you prefer? What would you want to explore? Please limit your answer to three possible topics.

Summarize in a maximum of 250 words your BSc thesis work or final assignment/project. Please include information about the workload"
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Jan 9, 2024   #2
Skip your college background in this presentation. You are applying to a masters degree program so your focus should be more on the professional side. What is your work motivation to enroll in this program? What previous work related training and seminars might have you attended that showed you a reason for higher study? What skills do you feel you lack and need to enhance? Once you respond to the theoretical and practical professional demands, then you will have achieved the correct information presentation for this paper. Your thesis presentation is interesting and applicable to the program so I do not see you having any problems in that aspect. For now, you have to revise the start of the letter.
himca 1 / 3 2  
Jan 12, 2024   #3
Hi DandyFabian, offering my two cents on your essay:

1. One part that I find unique from your essay is how you mention how a specific course piqued your interest from the MSc program. I love the idea of mentioning a specific interest on your chosen specialization, but I think you need to elaborate more on your reasoning and real world applications of that course to make it more coherent and convincing for readers.

2. I have to agree with the consultant that the start of your essay, albeit being relevant to the MSc degree itself, holds too much focus on describing your educational background, which will be presented in your resume anyway.

3. You mentioned that you aim to be a well-rounded professional capable of navigating dynamic and competitive environments, but I don't understand how the program itself would help you to achieve this goal. I suggest you to define each goals and explore on how the program could help you to be "well-rounded" and able to "navigate dynamic and competitive environments"

3. I noticed a typo in "With this elective in mind, I intend to have my rhesis supervised by Dr. G. (Geerten) van de Kaa", suggesting to have another proof read just to be sure.

All in all, loving the essay. Good luck on your application!

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