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[Motivation Letter] Entrance to Management of Technology Delft

teruterubozu 1 / -  
Dec 15, 2015   #1
Hi all,

I am writing an motivation letter to Delft as a prerequisite on applying to Management of Technology Master's program.

Below is my draft of essay. I need advice or correction for improvement of my draft. Thank you,

Designing pumps, turbines, engines, working in a power plant or in oil and gas industry, those are what Mechanical Engineers student usually foresee themselves after graduating. Having a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung myself, I was projecting myself in the same direction, but fate led me to a whole completely different journey. I was accepted to be 1 of the 4 graduates from Indonesia among thousands of applicants for the Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP) from Cisco Systems. The program was a 1 year intensive training program in the United States, combining business & sales skills (presentation, role plays, how to handle rejections) as well as technical expertise including cisco certifications and cisco product knowledge. The journey on my IT networking career began when I took my first flight trip which was also my longest trip from Jakarta, Indonesia to Raleigh, North Carolina. The program taught me how to become a good system engineers which is a network consultant. We were equipped with a broad and deep knowledge of networking and cisco technology, as well as the ability to be a good trusted advisor, good presentation skill, and ability to see what our customer's requirement are, and help them with technology as a solution.

I have been working as a presales consultant engineer both in Cisco and the most well-known Cisco partner in Indonesia and Singapore over the last 6 years. My job is to meet customers, understands their current infrastructure, and help them with a solution that can address their requirements or concerns. The output is either a design or a technical proposal which consist of the solution, bill of materials (pricing), as well as project plan and professional services required to deploy it. Because of the variety of customer's requirement as well as the quick pace of the technology evolution, I always expected to be a fast learner. The Highlight of my career was when I earned my Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) Collaboration in 2015 which is the top most level certificate in Cisco Networking area. There are only around 50000 person in the world who have achieved the same certification.

In my line of work, I tend to be really technical, giving the best solution based on the best practices. But I always encountered many fascinating person, mainly consultants who can see beyond technical aspects. They speak in a different language: return of investment, efficiency, break-even point, etc. They can relate what are customer's business requirements and how the technology can help them address those requirements, balancing between "benefit" and "cost". They are the one who can really "sell" and whom the client wants to listen to more. I always want to become such person and it becomes my next career plan: to become a "solution architect" or a "project manager", not only in networking but IT as a whole.

Then is when I heard about TU Delft's Management of Technology Master program from a friend of mine who finished his study at the same university and set my plan to be accepted as part of the prestige university..After a thorough study, I found out not much of university offers a program as such which offers a socio-technology field, exploring business and management aspect versus technology. Also the opportunity to learn from the real cases from real companies' problem, and to be able to do internship at an international company in which technology plays a determinative role. I have also chosen to apply for TU Delft because it is a well-known university related to technological development. It is in Top 100 of QS Rankings year 2015, and ranked 19 for engineering and technology. Located in Delft, which is a safe and interesting city and full of student activities, diverse nationality environment, which will create a perfect environment to study. There are eight faculties with almost 40 technological and scientific disciplines are accommodated within TU Delft, all of them are at the forefront of technology development. With all of explanations above, I have no doubt in my mind that TU Delft is the best choice to achieve my master's degree.

If I were to be accepted in the program, I will be focusing on ICT management and Design, because it is aligned to my next goal, to be a respective consultant in IT industry. I am actively talking to the provincial government of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, the city where I was born and raised. They are now in midst of evolving the city to become a "smart city". To open all of the government data to public, to integrate the data between government instances and present it in a easy and user friendly manner, creating e-government systems, as well as building the IT infrastructures are part of the master plan to make Jakarta to become a smart city. They are also in a process of establishing a new Government-owned Enterprise for IT which will become the center of IT plan and process in Jakarta. I am planning to be part of the Jakarta IT team and involved in the smart city project. That is why I am hoping to do my thesis on doing a feasibility study on the new Government-owned IT enterprise project. it will consist of establishing the requirements and concerns, Prioritization of projects (e-government, data analysis, etc.), project plan how to evolve from cost center to a profit center. I believe my experience live and working in Singapore, and the knowledge I will get from studying in TU Delft can help the team with ideas and concrete steps to achieve Jakarta to become better, and can be an example for other cities as well.

My second option for specialization will be on the cybersecurity area. Each day, my country, Indonesia, experiences more than 50,000 cyber-attacks, is the second most targeted country for cyber-attacks, followed by Vietnam. The country is reported to be victim to 36.6 million cyber-attacks in the past three years. These attacks are targeted at both the public and private sector. Security is always an important aspect of IT infrastructure. Everyone is connected via network, the internet, and it cannot be switched off. The era of cyber crime is here, identity theft, hackers stealing information, viruses, social engineering, those are the new crime. There are not many security experts in Indonesia now and it is always been an interesting subject for me to learn. I would like to do my thesis as a real case scenario assessing a real enterprise security issues and designing a security blueprint by looking on the IT infrastructure requirement, cybersecurity management, and law aspects.

My final assignment title was "Increasing a Factory Production Capacity of Cement from 2000 Ton per Day to 3000 Ton per Day (Case Study: Evaluation and Design of a Cyclone Suspension Preheater). The background of the project is increasing of national cement consumption along with the increasing of population and culture development. To fulfil the demand, cement factories need to increase their production capacity. But to build a new factory will need a long time and a lot of money investment. So it is needed to find different solution by modify existing factory without too much new investment to increase its production capacity. In Indonesia there are still old plants which have small production capacity (below 3000 TPD). The capacity can be increased by adding a calciner. Calciner is a burner to moved 90 % of calcination process (CaCO3→CaO+ CO2) from kiln. But by increasing the capacity, the flow of gas and particle in the factory is also increased. Cyclone evaluation show that the old cyclones need to be modified or re-designed. Conventional cyclone was designed by "Cyclone design" software. Numerical simulation of the flow inside cyclone is done by application software FLUENT 6.0. The result of the simulation of the top cyclone show that the new cyclone based on design can work well in the new production capacity with efficiency of 88% and pressure drop of 67,45 mmH2O.

I finished the final project in 2 semesters, twelve months including literature study, theoretical analysis, fluent modelling and experiments. I completed my bachelor study with total 147 credits and my GPA is 3.01 out of 4 scale.

vangiespen - / 4131 1449  
Dec 15, 2015   #2
Hasan, you need to adjust the content of your essay. It does not properly respond to the stated instructions. Most specially, it does not offer the information regarding your thesis project at the school should you accepted. You should have spent a major amount of the essay space discussing exactly that instead of discussing irrelevant topics such as your final assignment.

Revise the total essay. Read the instructions. Make sure that you provide only the answers to the required information. Right now, your work experience is not important, that is why it is not being asked for in the essay. What you have to be prepared to do in this essay is delve into the important details of your final assignment or thesis in your bachelor's program. Since is requires 250 words, that is already a whole essay page. So you need to make sure that you describe it in the best way that you can.

The first part of the essay needs to only explain why you are interested in enrolling at TU Delft and your specializations. Don't waste your time creating such a detailed background for yourself pertaining to your previous studies. Just stick to the expected information as outlined by the prompt.

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