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Statement of Purpose for MSc Information and Communication Technology at FAU Erlangen

Eengineer999 1 / -  
Feb 23, 2023   #1
Respected members please review my SoP for MS application in MSc ICT at FAU Erlangen, your feedback is awaited

Dear Admission Committee,

I am writing this statement of purpose for Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology in FAU Erlangen-N├╝rnberg. My name is Muhammad Abdullah and I have studied Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad, in which I have scored CGPA: 3.18/4.00 (German Scale: 2.2) and I have completed my graduation in 2021.

Journey as an Electrical Engineer

My interest in Electrical Engineering began in 2017 when I got admitted into my bachelors where I started by making a simple water level indicator in my first semester by just using transistors and diodes. It was my first ever project through which I started my journey into this field and since then I kept on learning and participating in projects whether it is a small one or a complicated one.

In my Bachelor studies, I have been a good student with good reputation among teachers and students. Moreover, I also led my team in my final year project; IoT based Home Automation and Security System, which was awarded with the highest grade in my batch. The main objective of this project was to design a convenient home automation prototype which allows user to automate electrical and gas appliances by using mobile application or voice commands through Google Assistant. And also, security features like video camera streaming and automatic door locking system were also included in my final year project. I have also done semester projects such as 8051 based Line following Robot. Some simulation based projects which I did in my academic studies include PID tuning of a Magnetic Levitation system (using MATLAB) and designing a (3.5 GHz) Patch Antenna using HFSS.

I have also done a professional internship at Cybernet Service Providers, Islamabad duration 3 months in which I learned about troubleshooting and installation of Networking systems of multiple corporate clients which include banks, telecom companies and private vendors. During this internship, my main responsibilities were to monitor network performance and to troubleshoot network problems when needed. In addition to that, I worked with several switches, routers and firewalls to provide connectivity and security to client networks.

One at a time.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,830 4781  
Feb 24, 2023   #2
It is not necessary to share your GPA in the statement of purpose. A mere summary of your college accomplishments, inclusive of any awards and / or publications, would be sufficient a reference point for this essay. Just make sure that the accomplishments and awards you received will be considered relevant to the masters course you are applying to. Everything must circle back to your interest for the studies.

You may also give some internship information relevant to the job you are working in and the course you are applying to. However, the interest of the screener will actually be on the purpose for your studies. The reasons you provide should prove to have evidence of career growth and achievement planning, with the help of the completed masters course. Afterall, this is a statement of purpose and not an academic and experience biography.

The information you have written needs to be revised for content and relevance based on the discussion I have presented in this post. Following these considerations and guidelines will help you create a more purpose centered SOP. It will remove the biographical feel that the current presentation has. Focus on your professional experience rather than your academic and internship background.
nawaf /  
Mar 9, 2023   #3
Consider using headings to break up the content - for example, 'Why the University?' 'Why this course?' 'Career plans'
There has to be a structure to your SOP. Relevant information has been left out, it has to be brief and detailed.

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