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Study plan for Canada Study Permit. Canada - people from around the globe are welcomed there

sintiash59 1 / -  
Mar 22, 2021   #1
Hi, here is my study plan for getting study permit.

Thank you in advance for your helpful comments.

Study plan essay

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have been admitted to the Master of Education in Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. I see furthering my graduate studies in this field not only as an opportunity to enhance my abilities and experiences in many aspects but also, it will pave my way to learn about the latest developments in educational research and its application to practice.

I have chosen Canada for pursuing my graduate studies since people from around the globe, regardless of their race and culture are welcomed there. Canadian universities are among the most prominent ones in the world and their outstanding quality of education is well-known in my country. It is my desire to study at a top ranked and globally known university like the University of British Columbia where I can benefit from advanced educational facilities, and a great deal of International exposure. I applied to this university for its highly qualified faculty members who have not only positions in top international journal boards but also are among the most cited researchers in the field of Education.

As I have always been devoted to learning and teaching, during my studies at university and after my graduation I taught part time at different language institutes, colleges and universities and I have published in scholarly journals. In October 2009, I joined .......'s training center as a full-time instructor. I teach a range of subject areas namely different levels of English for Specific Purposes, discourse analysis and specialized courses in English. In our department most of the instructors spend their time on teaching the available resources and a gap is felt in content development, curriculum design and the evaluation process. My senior supervisor has elaborated on the need for a researcher and curriculum developer in order to launch a center for curriculum planning and materials development. Unfortunately, lack of proper knowledge in this field has been one of the main reasons that such center has not been run so far. We have discussed how I can contribute in developing syllabus design approaches upon my return. I am also ambitious to get a position in the vocational school of the company as an instructor and educational specialist. Studying in the field of Educational Studies and getting a degree will carve the path toward this role.

Reaching these goals is a great achievement for me since getting promotion is highly competitive in our company and for a successful advancement I have to present myself with unique qualifications that separate me from the mass. Thus, I require studying detailed courses academically in the topics of curriculum development, its related innovations and educational positive change among others. I also need to gain skills in evaluating curriculum, recommending improvements and developing the structure, content and objectives of new courses.

Generally speaking, the education system in my home country is based on theoretical subjects basically. In our schools the emphasis is on memorizing materials and lack of practical involvement is evident in higher education. Learners are not encouraged to conduct original research themselves due to lack of access to updated international resources and in most cases only the results of available research papers are analyzed and applied. Consequently, I assume that studying detailed and practical courses in an advanced academic program would help me improve my knowledge tremendously.

Regarding the research I have done into studies in my country, I noticed that even at graduate level the majority of schools offer pre-designed programs with fixed syllabus and students do not have the chance to choose courses based on their interest and market demand. On the contrary, the M.Ed. program at UBC is flexible in a sense that several elective courses are delivered. As the result, I have the opportunity to take the courses which are related to my career objectives in Iran. In this regard, I have chosen UBC where I will be given an opportunity to design a personal journey that will positively impact my professional identity and practices. In addition, I am eager to study in a research based learning environment such as UBC where I will engage in field studies designed to critically engage theory and method in authentic settings. Furthermore, studying at UBC develops my competency to become part of the network of curriculum developments experts which will assist me enormously once I return to my home country.

During this program I am going to explore curriculum planning in design, implementation, and evaluation for contemporary pedagogical settings. By passing "Developing Educational Programs and Practices for Diverse Educational Settings" course I will gain expertise in how to develop the structure, content and objectives of new programs and determine the effectiveness of the entire educational process. Moreover, I will study personalized learning strategies from a post-method era perspective and analyze how to meet the different needs of students by taking "Curriculum and Instruction in an Individual Teaching Specialty" course. A combination of these aspects would definitely provide my resume with an edge over my fellows back in Iran. Accordingly, I believe that the concept of the offered study program at UBC and its two‐year duration truly meets my purpose through which I can master my knowledge in education and reach my goals back in my country. This program equips me with the required proficiency to design and coordinate solution strategies and prepares me to get my desired position in my company. Therefore, upon completion of my studies I'd like to contribute to the improvement of .........'s training center with implementing new policies and procedures.

In addition to the professional aspects that are strong motivation for me to return, my parents live in Iran and we are emotionally very connected. I will definitely come back to enjoy my life beside them and take care of them. Furthermore, I have grown up, studied and worked in Iran and during these years I have created a strong circle of close friends and colleagues who are irreplaceable for me. I would want to come back and rejoin them upon the completion of my studies. Beside these professional and emotional ties, I own two apartments in Iran which are my father's gift. They will serve as a source of income for me during the period of my studies as they are rented. I have personal savings and if need be, I will receive additional support from my father if necessary.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,839 4175  
Mar 23, 2021   #2
There is a need for you to address your thesis as a part of your study plan. Since you are studying this specific course3 in Canada to help improve the field in your home country, you have to give a deeper insight as to how the course will help you upon your return. It should indicate that you were not only in discussion to fulfill a vacancy in the field, but to become a better professional through career advancement. You are not clear as to what sort of career is waiting for you upon your return. There needs to be a solid job offer waiting at the end because your final paragraph, the reasons for returning to your home country, does not include a strong and verifiable reason for your return. The two apartments are not really a convincing reason for your return as those can be sold to help your stay in Canada. There are no children or spouses indicated either. Build your professional reason to return by presenting a relevant research thesis for your final year of study. This should be a progressive research beginning in your first academic year as a masters student.

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