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Study Plan for Canadian study permit - application letter to the Visa Officer

sandyvu 1 / -  
Aug 5, 2016   #1

Canadian scholarship study plan

Hi friends, I am applying for my first study permit in Canada scholarships. I need to write a clear study plan for my application. Could anyone please help me to correct my essay or some ideas to write it better? Thank you all very much. I appreciate any helps from you.

Here is my study plan:
Dear Visa Officer
I am the applicant Vu Khanh Linh. At present, I am currently a student at Hult International Business School in San Francisco Campus majoring International Business Administration. During more than 2 years at Hult, I was awarded with 10% tuition fee scholarship for each year. After spending few years studying in United Kingdom and United States, I started searching for a university in another country that could provide me with other prospects business environments and my search ended at Capilano University - Canada - the country of peace and rapid development. In July, I received the offer of Capilano University for Business Administration Program with a successful transfer of 60 credits from my previous studies at Hult International Business School, and now I am writing to apply for a student permit to finish my bachelor degree in your esteemed country.

Since early stage of life, I already had a chance to develop and challenge my leadership skill. From primary to high school, I always had been president of student council and had received Kim Dong award for my leadership skill in Hai Phong, Vietnam. Being a team leader and managing many school events had helped me to grow and enhance my leadership skill as well as communication and time management ability.

Over past 5 years, studying in London (UK) and San Francisco (US), I have grown my strong passion for marketing and international business. During my time at school, learning new theoretical concepts as well as practical case studies has given me great knowledge of business and marketing. I have also done lots of jobs concerning marketing research of students and applied for some research topics for students. Particularly interested in marketing, I always try to find any opportunity to apply my theoretical skill, and test my creative side. I was a member of film and media club at school, and one of the most achievement projects we have done is creating the marketing video for Hult campus in San Francisco. I also helped to organize the International Culture Day for all Vietnamese students in school. These experiences have been extremely rewarding and productive. Through planning marketing project, running events combined with great knowledge from classes, I have learned to utilize my knowledge, skill and promote my innovative idea. I believe Capilano is my best destination for me to explore the different business concepts as well as different business environments, which could enhance and expand my knowledge about international business prospective.

I appreciate my parents, who gave me best education all the while. From primary school, secondary school to high school, I studied at top schools in my hometown. And I also have had a chance to study abroad in countries that have great education systems. It not only provided me with favorable education environment and excellent teaching faculty but also enabled me to know lots of knowledgeable and promising classmates. I have many classmates studying abroad in various countries of the world, encouraged by whom, as well as driven by my intensive thirst for pursuing more knowledge and sensing distinctive cultures and prospect business partners, I long for studying abroad. My motherland Vietnam boasts a long history of 4,000 years; but it still needs lots of improvements and innovation in term of business operation. As a major of Business Administration, I understand deeply what needed to be done for Vietnam's businesses to keep up with the fast race of international competitors, and I have got affection towards the mainland of our country.

In the 21st century, Vietnam is in face of infinite opportunities and challenges; definitely, business will play a significant role in the future development of the society. How to make cosmetic organizations keep pace with the international development and how to absorb advanced technology experience in western countries and combine it with the domestic status quo to work out proper guideline and principles suitable for quality business have become problems calling for great attentions and urgent solutions.

Now that I notice the large developing space, I earnestly hope to further study the program of Business Administration offered by Capilano University in your renowned country, which will be not only a kind of extension of my major study but also a perfect way for me to develop a brand new angle based on the original area. Should I bring in advanced experience of business administration abroad to our country and devote myself to the construction of Vietnam, I suppose, it will be of great value and meaning in my lifetime.

Now I submit my application with full confidence in the hope of getting a study permit. Many thanks for your kind consideration!

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