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(the Worldwide Study project) Motivation Letter for studying abroad during university

Raffaello 1 / -  
Feb 7, 2012   #1
Good morning to all. This is my first post. I am writing a motivation letter needed to apply for Worldwide Study (a project which gives me the possibility to spend a semester at an American university). FIrst, since I am not a native English speaker, I need a revision. Then I ask you if I could add something to this letter. That's because I wrote about only 2000 characters and I think the letter is a little bit short. The problemi is, unlike other Cover Letter I read, I am only an Undergraduate student; so I don't have other degrees acquired that I could talk about. Many thanks for any help.

Topic: Prepare a Cover Letter highlighting strengths, characteristics, personal and professional expectations about the chosen destination and a broad list of courses that you would attend during your stay abroad. MAX 3000 characters.

My Letter:

I am Raffaello Corsini and I want to be an exchange student for the Worldwide Study 2012 project, in the autumn semester.
I think that this could be very useful for my future studies and work.
First, I am a student of Computer Science. I like the subject and most of the courses I attend at university. This happen because I like very much the world of computers and math, so I am strongly motivated in studying these subjects. Computer Science, more than other topics, is involved in an international situation where the knowledge of English language is mandatory. This is why I want to go to a university where all the courses are taught in this language. I think to already have a quite good English, but I want to strongly improve it and to live for a while in an English speaking country it's a right way to do it. In an International contest, have studied for a while abroad is very appreciated both in the job and in the academic career, so this would be in the future a strong point for my CV.

Other than study things that I like and improve my English there is another thing I want to talk about. I have great expectations in studying abroad beacuse of globalisation. In a world where knowledge is highly connected through nations, have a look on another nation and on another way to organize everyday life is very important to see the differences between them and to acquire the best from all the systems. I think that also have a larger view on the world could give the chance to be more productive on study, on work and, generally, in my whole life. This Because nowadays the American culture influences the western world in a lot of ways and a part of it is actually a share of the western culture. Living abroad could give the chance to better understand all these things.

When I chose the universities for the exchange program I looked for the ones which offers in autumn courses in which I'm interested. More specifically, I would like to attend Calculus II, Physics I, Programming Languages and Compilers. I think to have the basic knowledge needed to attend these courses and to pass them with high grades.

Athena - / 83 3  
Feb 7, 2012   #2
I think you should work on your second para, listing all the courses you want to attend...why you would like to attend...and most importantly YOUR CHARACTER AND STRENGTHS (Since that's mentioned in the prompt)

Good Luck!

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