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Research abstract :Out-of-body Experience

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Dec 10, 2014   #1
Please kindly checked the grammar using and also the overall content in such research abstract. Thank you :D


The out-of-body experience (OBE) is the transcendental experience where the person's self and body are phenomenologically separate, typically involves a sensation of floating outside his/her body and to see the world from a location outside the physical body. The OBE, however, often includes the experience on moving outside the confines of body and space all the while remaining aware of her/his unmoving physical body.

The present study aims to overlook the perspectives on out-of-body experience (OBE) among the participants. In the manner, this research uses a qualitative phenomenological approach so as to uncover the subjective meaning of OBE. A total of three participants who had reported having at least two times of OBE is selected by purposive sampling while the data is analyzed by the Miles and Huberman interactive analysis model.

Moreover, the testable hypothesis reveals that even every participants experiences OBE, the subjective meaning showed some differences related to the OBE's background. In an OBE experient who signed OBE as a fortunate from the Almighty, the getting message within OBE should be delivered to the others while the appearing meaning in OBE experient in Menangan, a purpose of becoming the best, with the induced of Kejawen meditation, OBE is denoted as the high level of grateful to the God. In the case of OBE's participant with coma condition, the OBE's meaning appears as the advancement of a newborn. Related to the participants, the interpretation of OBE shows a difference even though it is still directly leads to Manunggaling Gusti, soul merges in God. Generally, the participants reports some fatigues and lassitudes as the physical effects of OBE.

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