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What is Knowledge? - Answering the question - Rough Draft

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Apr 17, 2021   #1
Keyonta Townsel
Mrs. Rockwell

What is Knowledge?

The question is what is knowledge? The research that was done shows that knowledge can be look at so many ways. Throughout the research of answering the question what is knowledge? The research has shown that knowledge is what you know and what you do with what you know. With the research the goal is to want to understand knowledge to better to be able to better explain knowledge based off what the research shows. This is a topic that people need to understand more because people say knowledge is power, but you can only have power based on what you know. Do we trust what a person says they know, or do we do our own research to find out what they know.

Choosing to write about this topic because it will help better understanding knowledge of life, and to understand knowledge is the key to understanding life and why we are here. Believing in knowledge and how it's impossible to believe without knowledge of one's belief. The Western theory is the scientific method which is once a hypothesis is proven, others must be able to duplicate the results. As we can see its about what they know, how do know what they know is true? Are all the different theories true? If so isn't that the scientific method because others have duplicated their own results to these theories. This is some of the ways I believe that make these different from each other. The article by philosopher Gi-Ming Shien had some good view points on Buddhism and the knowledge of Buddhism. Talks about the more we know, the less we really know, and what is reality how do we know what reality is. The best way to find that reality is to know your true self. That's the true knowledge knowing your inner self and the truth about who you are. The next reading was Skepticism and realism in Chuang Tzu by Russle Goodman. In this reading he did a good job of talking about the 2 approaches to the world and that one can be skeptic about things. If you have to question your knowledge, is it really knowledge and how knowledge is being attacked. Chuang Tzu's experience in the world gives seed's of debut which shows skeptic to the world we live in.

Understanding knowledge by acquaintance is by who you know like saying he knows Emmalee, but to understand propositional knowledge is to be knowing that Emmalee is a mother. Linda's summary does a good job of breaking down her views on knowledge. She talks about knowledge by acquaintance and propositional knowledge "consider the question of whether animals without language are capable of knowledge." The understanding of knowledge will help us better as humans and stop a lot of the problems we run to with hate and anger towards other people. the philosophies of knowledge, and how people's opinions are influenced by their community and culture.

Too much knowledge can hurt a person's brain they say, but it hasn't been shown that is the case a powerful person has so much knowledge. Looking at the basic definition knowledge- Facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education. Answering the question what is knowledge? Goes deeper than the basic definition. All the things a person know can be valuable to so many other people, but a person has to be able to trust a person's work to believe the things they know. Knowledge is built on trust and trusting the things people read and have learned during their lifetime.

To compare the Western, Eastern, and Feminist epistemological theories I would like to start by talking about all the commonalities they share. They all share one main thing and that's knowledge. The knowledge of the Eastern may not be the same as the Feminist or even the Western but knowledge. Eastern theory is that the enlightened one realized the true nature of existence and his teachings are the way of knowledge. As for the Feminist belief is in the particular instead of the universal, the concreate rather than the abstract. Understanding that Epistemology means knowledge it just comes from the Greek terminology. Knowing how to cook a meatloaf and actually cooking a meatloaf are two different things. Know how to do things doesn't always mean a person can do those things, for example a person can google how to cook a meatloaf but that doesn't mean their meatloaf will taste good. Knowing a person is one thing but knowing where that person works is another. Knowing facts are a little different, its serval conditions a knower must obtain to know a fact. Knowledge requires belief if a person doesn't believe how can they know. Knowledge also requires a 3rd element to and that element is luck.

With all this being said and throughout the research of answering the question What is Knowledge? The research shows that knowledge is what you know and what you do with what you know. Everyone can learn something about knowledge with this research paper. Knowledge ultimately it all belongs to trust in trusting what people tell you they know. Believing in knowledge means that we believe in knowing why we are here as a human race. Hopefully this research helps better understand knowledge.

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Apr 19, 2021   #2
The research that was done ... knowledge?

What research was conducted? How was it conducted? ho conducted it? What were the questions asked? How were these responded to? What was the survey pool for the research? How did this affect the outcome of the research? These are questions that should have been indicated in the first paragraph as a part of the introductory presentation. Do not rush into the discussion. Lay the groundwork/framework first. Present a real thesis statement rather than a straightforward question. As a college level paper, a higher level of writing standards need to be applied to this presentation. There is a clear weakness in the thesis development for this essay as it failed to represent the basis of the discussion before launching into a detailed presentation.

Now, if the essay is based solely on personal opinion and an understanding of knowledge based on personal understanding of other information, then the word "research" should not be used as it is a misrepresentation of the actual method of writing and developing opinions for the central topic in the presentation.

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