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Being able to achieve my inspiring vision as an architect - selected courses will help me with that

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Oct 21, 2017   #1

chevening career essay question

As a degree holder of bachelor of science of Architecture in Enugu State University of science and technology Enugu state. According to Architect Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON), Architecture means the art,science, in theory and in practise of design, erection, commissioning, maintenance and management, and co-ordination of all other alightening input, there to a building and the layout and master plan of such building or group of buildings forming a comprehensive institution or neighbourhood as well as any other organised space enclosed or open required for human and other activities.

As an architect in practise who have undergone years of training and who bears the responsibilities to achieve maximum efficiency and purpose of architecture, is well known that the chosen three university courses which involves:

1-Sustainable environmental design,
2-Environmental change and management and
3-Environmental engineering etc.
Will enlarge my scope of study and research, my knowledge and professional experience and with this i can be able to achieve efficiency and purpose of architecture through: solving environmental problems such as all kinds of pollution from environment affecting spaces; improving in my communication skills to prevent misinterpretation of designs, symbols and ideals between the architects and other professionals in building industry which may lead to wrong construction and result to Collapsing of building; producing functional building design in respect to the function of the building; producing building designs in relationships with the environment and climate condition of a particular geographical area; producing building designs based on workability and stability of the structure.

Sustainable environmental design is the art and science , in theory and in practise which involves developing resources-efficient in physical landscape of environment wich is also one of the principle efficiency of architecture.

Architecture involves design and construction of building within an environment which possibly undergoes changes. Environmental change and management helps to examine the causes and impacts of this changes and how these changes operates and interacts on global, regional and local scales, critical social and ecological systems.

Building constructions in environments are naturally exposed to environmental problems due to development in technology, global warming etc. Environmental engineering uses the principle of engineering, soil science, biology and chemistry to develop solutions to these problems.

In summary, with the help of chevening scholarship to study any of the above courses i can be able to achieve my inspiring vision as an architect to creat impact in building industry and also environmental developments which will aid in achieving habitable and healthy environments for living.

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Oct 21, 2017   #2
Hi Ezeh,
First, you haven't quote the essay prompt in yours. It makes difficult for the other, which not familiar about the essay, to give you necessary feedback. It is better to attach the essay prompt first in order to get an appropriate feedback to this essay. Hope you don't mind with my suggestion.
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Oct 21, 2017   #3
Ezeh, this is not a Study in UK response. This is a definition essay that does not adequately respond to the prompt requirement. The prompt requires you to discuss why you chose 3 universities based on individualized courses offered by each university. How does the masters course you chose to attend affect your future as an architect? Explain how your background, both educational and professional, has prepared you to attend this course and has given you the confidence that you will be able to complete this course. Finally, explain how you plan to use what you learn from the course to help move your career forward after you graduate. This essay is all about your future plans and how your studies will be affecting it. That is why you are asked to discuss your previous educational background and your professional training up to the present point. The discussion of the universities requires you to be forward thinking regarding your career. The essay that you wrote doesn't do any of that. Your essay looks more like a college definition essay than a Chevening scholarship essay in relation to your potential to study in the UK.

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