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Academic study related awards, publications - not specific to any particular qualifications you hold

harry dawson 1 / -  
Feb 15, 2018   #1

how to write this scholarship essay?

Provide a maximum of four academic study related awards, prizes or publication you have archived in the course of your studies-not specific to any particular qualifications you hold (max 250 words)

This is my essay draft please help me strengthen it.

During the cours if my studies as a priamary kid growing up into a secondary high students there are many related awards that qualifies me to pass on from one level to the next. For instance when I was in grade four I was awarded with first prize for both health and community studies and get an overall prize for the second position in class. In 2016 I completed my year 12 or form six arts at king George national secondary school which I took five courses:maths, English, accounting, economics and development studies and also I got a nerit award for the most outstanding service in football.

For as long as I can remember my goal is to become a professional in accounting and finance with the help of economics to help my country's development, so I have to made a lot of dedication to have a good pass and achieve those grades and awards. During the final semester grade I managed to score 1 in accounting and economics,2 in maths and 4 in English.

Since English is always a prerequisite I had to work harder and I got one merit awards in English in the first semester, English is always a priority and if I am not good at English language I would not make it this far. My love for football had also been an impact in my studies and I have managed to award with a merit in football also.

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