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"From Adversity to Aspiration: My Journey of Passion, Determination, and Cultural Bridging" - GKS

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Sep 27, 2023   #1

everything is achievable

People always want to do what they are passionate about, don't they? This passion can be a sport or a profession at times. As long as there is passion, everything is achievable.

Since my early years at the age of 10, I have experienced a lot. My father was on his deathbed, our family factory came to a halt, and we went through periods of financial hardship, alternating with moments of prosperity. However, there was always someone who knew how to manage these adverse conditions, my greatest guiding light, my mother. During that time, I couldn't sleep at night due to the fear that my father might have another epileptic seizure, and during the day, I couldn't stay close to him. The fears I faced at a young age only served to strengthen me as I grew older.

After enduring four years filled with challenging memories, I started high school. Ahead of me lay new discoveries, fresh memories, and new knowledge. I told myself, "You can't just set everything aside. The past is the past, and now you will embark on new adventures. Let's turn our passions into success." These words have been the most unforgettable ones in my life, and the person who inspired me to say them was once again my mother.

For years, my mother worked as an artisan and a tailor to provide for our family. Despite her age, she pursued her dream and completed high school. "What is she doing now?" you might wonder. She is an arts and crafts teacher. While my mother was occupied with her pursuits, my life took a completely different turn. I wanted to combine my passion for Korea with design and drawing.

When I started researching, I came across the GKS scholarship. I realized that the conditions it offered would not only make it easier for me to sustain my life but also prevent me from becoming a financial burden on my family. So, I began working towards it. To achieve this, I made the tough decision to set aside my successful 8-year basketball career because winning this scholarship and planning a new career in Korea ignites a greater sense of ambition and passion within me.

I said, 'I really want this, so I will work to achieve it.' While I was so eager, my family wondered if I could succeed on my own while being away from them. Every family worries about their children. I had to find a way to gain their trust. Therefore, I participated in the eTwinning project organized by our school, and along with our project, we secured the first place in the inter-school language competition. Subsequently, I enrolled in our school's English language class, and shortly thereafter, an ERASMUS+ project titled 'Reset Waste, Green Forever' was organized. This project aimed to promote cultural learning and environmental awareness between Italy and Turkey. Only 5 people would be selected in the interviews, but my self-confidence, determination, and passion set me apart. This allowed me to go to Italy and realize that there was no harm in stepping out of my comfort zone and that learning a new culture could be enjoyable. Through the experiences I gained, I also learned that I could stand on my own feet in another country. Most importantly, I proved myself to my family.

When I returned to Turkey, I came back as a completely different person. I took on more responsibilities, stepped out of my comfort zone, and learned what I could achieve on my own. I realized that I wanted to lead a more active and exciting life. I decided to prioritize my talents and joined the school's art club. I quickly became known for my artwork, and I wanted to add color to our days spent in a room filled with dull walls. I suggested, "Why don't we paint the walls? After all, our talent can be showcased through our art." I discussed this idea with our school principal, and with their approval, we began drawing portraits of famous painters on the walls. I drew Salvador Dali and Van Gogh, and while drawing Van Gogh's portrait, I used his unique pointillism technique. Our school principal liked the paintings so much that they had us create drawings on other parts of the school as well. They even posted a video I edited on the school's website. Our efforts were rewarded, and we received medals. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had, but it couldn't surpass my experience in Italy.

While juggling all of these activities, I continued to work on achieving my dream scholarship for Korea. However, I had questions in my mind: "Why do you want to go to Korea?" "What will you contribute to the Turkey-Korea relationship by going there?" I thought that it would be irrational to go from here to Korea without finding answers to these questions. However, I already knew the answers. I wanted to go to Korea for both personal growth and to foster cultural connections.

Learning about Korean culture, interacting with Koreans, and even traveling to Korea is possible for anyone with a healthy body. However, how will deaf people who love Korea or Turkey communicate? It must be a real challenge for them, and I have met many people facing such difficulties. There are those who are interested in Korean culture but hesitate to take the first step. This is where pictures and sign language come into play. If two countries find a way to communicate through each other's sign language or through images, it will eliminate these problems. Deaf individuals will be able to accumulate new cultures and memories, and they won't feel excluded from society anymore. Another reason I particularly desire Korea is its minimalist, striking, and creative art and design structure. This approach has a promising future because people will move away from excesses in the future.

Without passion, nothing is possible, and I am ready to realize my passion. I will continue to use my confidence, determination, and ambition with every step I take. There will be times when I stumble, but my self-confidence will lift me up again. There will be moments when I want to give up, but my passion will keep me going. I will succeed, and my ambition will guide me to strive for even better. I believe in myself.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4810  
Oct 8, 2023   #2
You make a convincing case in this essay except for where your passion to study in Korea comes from. Where did the interest in Korea stem from? You sort of just threw that into the essay to deflect the focus from what was an essay becoming increasingly about the influence of your mother on your life and person. There was no indication that you ever had an interest in Korea until you decided to research scholarships and came across GKS during that process. So you will not really be able to convince the reviewers that you have a true interest in anything Korean. You had more to say about EM than you did about your interest in Korea, which are all vague and could be used to describe an interest in any scholarship or country, other than GKS.

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