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Australia Awards 2018 Supporting Statement - proposed course and institution choice

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Apr 1, 2018   #1
How did you choose your proposed course and institution?*

my role as an educator

Graduated from English literature has improved my English skills and gain knowledge both in literature and linguistics. In fact, these knowledge and skills are applied during my role as an educator for young learners. For instance, courses like drama and poetry are highly implemented in my current workplace since early years children need role play as it will stimulate their imagination and enhance their social development.

For the last one year being an educator, early childhood setting has been familiar for me and it has encouraged me to pursue a higher degree in teaching field specifically early years education. From several universities that offer this certain major, there are three universities in Australia which offer the Master of Teaching Early Childhood focusing on age birth to five years. The decision to focus on learners aged birth to five years is because these ages are very crucial to stimulate their learning and skill developments. From several universities, Monash University is one which offering the Master of Teaching Early Childhood focused on these ages. This leading university has a remarkable reputation in the world and becoming top ranked university in the field of education.

Another consideration is the professional recognition, it has been approved by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) as early childhood teaching qualification which will support me to get a qualification to work as a teacher in preschools and childcare centers. In fact, from the perspective of their program structure, the learning units that Monash University offers meet my needs as an applicant. Aside from several learning units such as literacy, numeracy, science and so forth, there are learning units such as Curriculum, assessment and reporting; Play and pedagogy; Leading local, rural, and regional learning and participation which will be very beneficial to support my career in the future. It also offers 60 days of professional experience in different range of (each of them will be undertaken for 15 days every semester).

One essay at one time please
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Apr 2, 2018   #2
Laksmi, you have to write a totally new essay. In the new essay, just answer the question posed before you. Explain in greater detail about the personal and professional reasons that you chose to focus on Early Childhood Education. Specifically, focus on the reasons why you chose this masters degree course. The prompt is not asking for your decision to study your college degree. That is irrelevant. The proposed course is the masters course you wish to attend as a scholar and the institution is the Australian university that focuses on the course of your choice and the reasons for your choice based upon your learning expectations and professional improvement goals. The current essay that you wrote doesn't really highlight these discussions, which are more important than the background of your college course. You seem to have misunderstood the prompt which is why you were not able to draft a more proper first version essay.

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