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Why the awards panel should consider them for a Scholarship? LGBTQ SCHOLARSHIP

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Jul 3, 2018   #1


Why the awards panel should consider them for a Scholarship

I am writing to apply for this interesting LGBTQ scholarship at your institution. I believe this opportunity is best for me and more importantly to the best interest of the society. I believe that am a right candidate for this scholarship because am a very hardworking person who is ready to successfully achieve the objective of the program. I recognize the invaluable role of education in my life, and I will be extremely grateful to be given a chance to advance my education while attempting to fulfill my passion for promoting advocacy for LGBTQ. Also, I always attempt to improve society by doing volunteer task. To support this, I am a member of a non-governmental community dealing with Bisexual and Transgender Pride program. This organization promotes awareness for gays and lesbian rights and respect for the community. We also, publish an article promoting the same philosophy because we stand for inequality and diversity. Basing on the above facts, passion as well as my intention to advance in the same field, I feel that am the best candidate for this scholarship.
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Jul 4, 2018   #2
This response feels rushed to me. It also does not sound very believable in some parts as it seems like you are just telling the reviewer what he wants to hear but you don't really believe in what you are saying. If you want to win this scholarship, then your response should focus on the your work in the LGBTQ community in relation to your own academics. How do you do this? If you revise your response to better build upon the latter part that indicates ; " I am a member of a non-governmental community dealing with Bisexual and Transgender Pride program..." then continue your discussion to showcase how you hope to continue promoting the values and ideals of this organization as a student at the university, that should help you provide more solid reasons for your consideration as a scholar.

By the way, we have a one essay per thread policy at this forum. That is why your other questions were deleted. If you post those as individual essay threads, I will be more than glad to assist you in the review of your responses to those questions as well.
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Jul 4, 2018   #3
I think you should say why this scholarship is vital for you and explain its impacts on your personal life.
other persons will say they are hardworking or the scholarship make them grateful too. try to write something different with specific experience in your life.
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Jul 4, 2018   #4
Thank you so much for your generous review.I will revise and also post other essay threads too so that you can help.
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Why the awards panel should consider them for a Scholarship
My past experience as a member of a non-governmental organization dealing with bisexual and transgender individual place me at a better position to handle LGBTQ advocacy. I have developed a set of skills for handling LGBTQ problems and awareness both at community and undergraduate level. Often, my role was to promote awareness for gays and lesbian rights not only in the society but also in my undergraduate life. Therefore, the scholarship will help me to extend my passion for supporting LGBTQ advocacy in the new environment; reaching more LGBTQ and advancing my experience in the same field in an international environment. Further, I have knowledge about article writing on LGBTQ challenges, rights, and advocacy. Am eager to use the knowledge in my next environment which gives more light to have a future society where LGBTQ rights are recognized. Ultimately, I would love to achieve my educational goals while at the same time supporting my passion for LGBTQ program. My desire to achieve both goals will further inspire me to work hard and attain remarkable results. Basing on the above two objectives, I am confident that I am the best candidate for this scholarship.

My passion in fighting for LGBT rights was first sparked off when a gay colleague confided in me the many challenges and experiences they undergo. It was sad to learn that they face an elevated risk of harassment, violence, discrimination and solitary confinement. In an effort to try to help him, I thought it wise to inform the local organization which helped me to form advocacy group within the university. As a student leader, I convinced many people through the advocacy group to support civic education, and outreach, Education, and Research Program among others. I am proud to mention that by the first semester we had reached 50% of population and perception towards gays and lesbians raised from 5% to 60%. I love seeing the society which diversity and all peoples' rights are respected, and observed unequivocally especially for LGBTQ. Through listening, learning and loving I have come to note with concern that LGBTQ issues are a matter of life and death and there is need for advocacy.

Many gains have been made regarding LGBT equality by government policies, although the legislation does not mean awareness, intersectional and inclusivity. LGBTQ faces the same problem since societies are not aware of their rights. Therefore, I intend to change this culture by collaborating with OutRight Action International and Hivos People Unlimited who support leadership development equity and intellectual inquiry towards sexual orientation and gender identity. The group will welcome individuals with gender identities and sexual orientation and give them support, advocacy, empowerment, and resources. Additionally, we will facilitate LGBTQ visibility at xxxx University by promoting LGBTQ understanding and acceptance.

I believe that my studies at xxx would be invaluable to my current academic achievements and my future career goals. Learning in European Union will further my understanding concepts and reflect them in global perspective. Earning a degree from such a prestigious institution will open up more opportunities related to employment. Additionally, the knowledge and skills acquired will be used to solve challenges facing my community by providing ultimate resolution to the area under my specialization.

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