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Checking different internet articles to get information about AAS

d2ny 12 / 39  
Mar 15, 2017   #1
Scholarship: Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS)
Program: Master TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages)

Please describe the efforts you have undertaken so far to obtain information on your study options in Australia.

sources of my info

I have known AAS from articles by AAS awardees on the Internet and my lecturer. From the articles, I was led to visit AAS official website to obtain the form and complete information related to AAS. AAS website is really helpful to me. It provides a completely detailed information about anything that I must prepare to consider my study options in Australia. Some lecturers of mine have been awarded AAS and through them I found useful information about it.

I managed to get a copy of AAS information CD from AAS website and I also joined scholarship seminars and social media forums to find more information about the study in Australia.

I visited the universities' website and read the handbooks to find specific information about TESOL program that they offer especially the courses in it. I also visited their alumni's blog to learn about how everything works in the university and the study environment. Early this year, I visited an education fair hosted by IDP Education to learn more about the TESOL program offered by the universities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4811  
Mar 15, 2017   #2
Dany, start from the beginning. The essay must be approached from a chronological order. When did you first hear about the AAS? From whom? Why were you encouraged to look into it? After you establish the foundation of your interest in the program, then you can accurately go into a discussion of the efforts you have undertaken to learn more about the scholarship. Just respond in relation to the AAS scholarship. Do not discuss TESOL in this instance as that is not a relevant part of the AAS. That is merely the scholarship you are applying for and not the scholarship foundation itself. That discussion should not be included here. Reorganize the overall essay so that is has a more logical presentation of the steps that you took to prepare for your application. Reflect a strong sense of familiarity with the program because of the information you discovered which led to your application. That is what the reviewer wants to learn about.

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