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Chevening career plan essay, my journey to become future urban researcher

naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Oct 20, 2017   #1

urban issues research

Today, Afghanistan's cities due to years of devastating war and lack of experts are facing sever challenges including: lack of urban sector research organizations and researches, constructions out of plan, lack of urban plans in municipalities and Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, poor or lack of transportation and infrastructure systems. These problems show a great demand for experts in urban sector. UK has different priorities and funds for Afghanistan including urban sector. For example UK is funding Citizen Charter Program Afghanistan (CCPA), urban sector is an important and core part of it.

One of my immediate plans and goals upon returning home is doing a research about how to make master plans for cities where problems such as constructions out of plan and land use exist and offering it in, "National Urban Conference" the conference which Urban Research and Development Center (URDC) holds every year in Kabul city. This conference is an opportunity to represent the research and convey the results to government officials, policy makers and donors

Whereas I did a research by the name of ,"parking problems in cities with less extend lands and their solutions" which finally was accepted by URDC as a research and will present it to thousands of government officials, donors, professors, researchers and students from all over Afghanistan in Nov,18, 2017. I want to gain more knowledge about planning in urban issues and doing an important research in many cities in Afghanistan. Moreover, as I am working in Ghor Urban Development and Housing Department as monitoring and supervision engineer for urban sector's projects. I could gain a lot of information and experiences in this sector. As part of my immediate plans upon returning in Afghanistan I will continue working in urban sector specially working in MUDH.

My long term goal and plan after practicing all aspects of researching in urban issues is to establish a professional NGO, where I will gather many professionals including Chevening alumni who gained a master's degree related to urban field, as well I will gather young students from different cities and different universities to train them whatever we learnt from UK universities. Moreover, as my bachelor thesis was about, "Remote sensing and GIS applications in mapping" I plan to do a research about using GIS and Remote Sensing technology in Afghanistan, a country with uneven and remote lands which is a necessary issue in survey of every infrastructure project in Afghanistan and teach this technology to others in my NGO.

In addition, I will corporate and work with MUDH and municipalities about all challenges in urban sector. We will do researches about urban problems in Afghanistan's cities by using UK, Afghanistan and other countries donors' funds to lay the foundation for a prosperous Afghanistan.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3344  
Oct 20, 2017   #2
Naseer, you mentioned that the UK has a civic project in your country that is currently ongoing. Then you did not mention it again in the essay. You have to mention something about how you will cooperate with that organization in the future because that is a major project that can help promote Chevening and its programs in your country. It will attract publicity to the scholarship grant and also, allow you give back to the country that will have played host to you for one year as a scholar in one of their prestigious universities. So aside from discussing the plans you have to present that study at the conference, you need to work with the CCPA in some way as well and explain how you plan to do that. It isn't enough to just mention the existing project, you need to maintain that you will cooperate with that project in a specific manner and when you plan to do it.

As for your plans upon returning to your home country, you immediately focused on the conference, but you never mentioned in what capacity you will be participating in it. Are you going to be representing your own company? If yes, then indicate that. If not, then explain how you plan to become employed first, then mention the conference second.

Since the presentation that you are making will be in one month's time, you should not be presenting that in a post study plan essay. The post study plans are for the time after you have completed the one year masters course. If you made a mistake with the year indicator, then simply correct the year in order to make the conference properly dated.

I am not sure why you are mentioning your thesis work in this essay. If this is a post study plan, then the thesis does not belong in this discussion. That belongs in the Study Plan or the 3 university choice essay. Are you getting confused again? Are you mixing up the prompts in your essay again? Double check the prompt you are responding to and then revise the essay to suit the proper prompt requirements. Don't get confused. Presenting improper information in your essays is the best way to tank your application. Don't do that. Give yourself a chance at the application by properly responding to the prompt.
OP naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Oct 20, 2017   #3
Hi i have revised my essay as you pointed out some points, i appreciate your final feedback about my essay.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3344  
Oct 21, 2017   #4
Naseer, thank you for your active participation at the forum. I hope to see more useful comments coming from you in the future. In response to your activities, I am giving you another review for this essay. It is already in a good and usable form. I just want you to remove a portion that I feel doesn't really work well with the aim of the prompt. Since the speech that you will be giving about parking problems will be done this year, long before you (potentially) become a Chevening scholar, that cannot be considered an active part of your post study plans. You need to find a way to present the information about you doing professional research without mentioning the useless information about the speech. It is irrelevant to the topic since this is for post, meaning "after" study plans. The speech is more applicable to a "pre" study plan. Once you remove the information and then revise that paragraph to become more applicable to your post study plans, the essay will then be in its final form. It shall be ready for submission along with the other essay documents for your application.

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