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May 21, 2013   #1
Kindly read my plan of study below for Community Development and assist.

Describe (in no more than 200 words) why you have chosen this particular course of study and university, any particular aspects of the course that you find particularly attractive, and how the course would fit with your future career plans

I graduated top of my class in 2010 with Bachelor of Social Work and soon found a job as a youth Officer. I realized that employees have a lot of challenges and transitions that affect their lives in and outside their jobs and this affect their productivity in the workplace, but with very limited support from the employer. And Botswana has been scoring very low internationally on workplace productivity and employees attributed it to poor working conditions. I saw a gap that needed to be filled and as I did my research I came through Adrian van Breda's work on Occupational Social and I knew then this is what we need in Botswana, employee and organizations as clients for optimal adaptation between individuals and the ever changing environment. Realizing that he is a professor at the University of Johannesburg I just wanted to study under him as I pursue Community Development and subsequently work with organizations and clients. I have been doing most work on micro level and a Masters in Community Development is a great opportunity to equip myself with conceptual skills for meso and macro interventions, which are vital for Occupational Social Work.