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'Be Creative Or die trying to' - KGSP- Letter Of self introduction

gussef 1 / 1  
Mar 11, 2017   #1
these are the requirements for the KGSP scholarship program

o Your course of life, your view of life, study background, your hopes & wishes, etc
o Your education and work experience, etc., in relation to the KGSP program
o Your motivations for applying for this program
o Reason for study in Korea

My interest for Korea and Korean culture

I always try to enjoy every moment of my life and to achieve my happiness with simple things, because I learnt that life is too short for overthinking and making it complicated . From a young age my parents have instilled in me the importance of getting the best of education , My father always believe that education can not only change a person's life but it also has the power to change the whole world. I am always ambitious and I have big goals and dreams bigger than just 'finishing my studies to get a decent job and to make a family', that's not me at all . my goal in life is to add something useful and exceptional to the humanity and My principle in life is to ' Be Creative and make the change or die trying to ' and I see that a special rich education like Korean Education is the Key to let me start making the change !

I am a regular traveler , I organized a lot of tips to Moroccan wilds and Mountains and that gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of people with different mindsets that 's what made me more open-minded and the most important thing is that i aquired the love of trying everythings that is out of my confort zone and the sense of adventure was growing withing me with a big desire of trying new experiences . this experience pushed me closer to the field that I always loved since my childhood : 'the environment'. When I was a child, I was a member of a Moroccan scouting association which was based in my small town, and there, the love of nature and environment began to evolve within me, since one of the values of scouting is to protect and care for the environment,.

I am graduated with a technical diploma of university from the higher school of technology in civil engineering field. After two years technical degree 'associate degree', I worked on an end of studies project about technical studies, and reinforfced concrete's calculs of a building ,so after getting my civil engineering diploma, I applied to one of the reputed Universities in Morocco and was selected among several thousand students to pursue a bachelor year in Geo-environment and Natural Hazards field , during my Undergraduate year I have developed solid base and knowledge on cartography, natural hazards, coastal dynamics, environment and I acquired a lot of environmental engineering sciences

My record was 'Fairly well', but I was always the student who makes the original and exceptional achievements in my class, one of my Last achievements is my End-of-study internship , I've had the opportunity to apply all environmental lessons that i had in the work situation, learn how to deal with One Of natural Hazards. my subject of internship was :contribution to the development of a program of intervention to control erosion hazard in a watershed located in my region. After one month of hardworking on this problematic, I have finished with a total study that proposes a solution to one of the biggest natural hazards in my region, I was very proud of that, because my goal was to add something special and valuable to my region in the field that I always loved

During my studies I was always watching documentaries about Environmental sciences and engineering of developed countries, especially documentaries about the Korean Achievements in this field , i felt very impressed and I believe that it will be a dream comes true if I get the chance to benefit from Korean experience in education in general and in environment field in partial ..

My interest for Korea and Korean culture started after i visited a Korean restaurant in the city where I was studying , I liked the Korean food there so I kept visiting it every week-ends , that helped me to have an opportunity to talk with Korean cookers who though me how to cook some famous Korean Dishes ,(so I started my first experience in Korean cooking by preparing a dish called 'bibimpa' ), and who really inspired me to visit their country ,because they talked so passionately about it, and they tough me about Korean culture, which has led me to read, learn and feel enthusiasm for its history, society, beliefs, lifestyle, music and technology, becoming part of this nation even though it is far away.

On top of that, Korean takes education very serious, especially higher education.. Studying in a country which gives a big importance to the field of the environment engineering is a good opportunity for me to improve my knowledge both practically and theoretically, that would be very enriching experience for me, and that would be an excellent start for an ambitious career to empower my career development and to achieve my goals of adding something that will push the development of my country in environment field in particular and contributing to the world development in general . So I have chosen to apply in KGSP because it provides a great opportunity in my life to do what I like the most, in the place I like most, along with people with great experience in my area of study

I am also eager about discovering the beauty of the country , learning a new international language and developing myself in a foreign environment by giving me the privilege to meet new people with different points of view, mindsets and cultures.

@Holt kindly assist :))
plz help ! this is my dream's program ..
I dont do much of writing so I need your criticism and please kindly help me point out where corrections needs to be made and where required thanks..
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,556 3750  
Mar 12, 2017   #2
Gussef, you need to be more specific in this essay. Somehow, you chose to simply present a glossed over view of all the prompt requirements rather than presenting information that will help the reviewer understand your motivation for studies and what you hope to gain by spending 3 years of your life in Korea. You need to revise some major points of this essay.

Explain what your college degree is all about, where you studied it, when you graduated, and what inspired you to follow that career path. Just saying that you are a regular traveler with scouting experience doesn't accomplish that. What is the basis for your interest in the environment? How have you managed to parlay this into a professional career? What is your professional career? How does your work experience relate to the environment? What environmental problem do you hope to address with this advanced educational degree? Why is it important to you?

By the way, your point of view about life does not need to have a Korean connection. The way you explained the Korean connection in this essay shows that you are trying extremely hard to impress the reviewer, to no avail. Make the point of view about life something that relates to you on a personal level. Leave your desire to go to Korea out of it. Just focus on a more general desire to help the environment if you wish to.
OP gussef 1 / 1  
Mar 12, 2017   #3
thanks a lot , i'll try to modify it based on ur advices ..
but the problem , is that I dont have any work experiences , I get my bachelor in 2016 and I just did an interships .. (I explained it in the essay ),
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,556 3750  
Mar 12, 2017   #4
Since you lack work experience, it is imperative that you create the idea that your internships did more than just train you for the job. Make the internship seem like it is the basis of your professional experience that is yet to come. Indicate the duties that you performed as an intern (in relation to your chosen masters course), explain your learning experience during this period, and close it by indicating the problems that you came across, which led you to decide that, though you have yet to apply your skills in a real world setting, it would be best for you to gain further academic and practical training first. That turns into you motivating factor for wanting to enroll in this course of study even though you lack some major qualifications in terms of being a graduate who has yet to become a professional.

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