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Curiosity leads to the future. My Chevening study in UK essay

Mohgamr 1 / -  
Sep 25, 2016   #1
Choosing the three courses was not a hard job as I already know what are my intentions and what profession I want to specialize in, engineering studies with its wide professions and applications was and will always be a passion in my life and to fully optimize this technical knowledge in professional life I need to combined it with strong management skills, that's why I choose Engineering Business Management course in University of Sussex, same course in University of Warwick and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Management course in University of Loughborough as my potential study courses.

All of the above focus on combining management knowledge's like logistics and supply chain, Finance ..etc with some technical engineering background and applying it on variety of manufacturing industries using previous lessons learnt and skills which fall directly in my scope of study.

As I worked in industrial sector for nearly three years I built good experience in applying engineering knowledge to develop and support production process within my company, from beginning of supply chain cycle to manufacturing and technical support and finally distributing the products, I worked closely with many departments related to these processes such as (engineering, sales, production and supply chain).

Although I acquired good working skills and experience I felt that In order for me to promote myself to a higher level and become an important asset to any industrial company I work for, I must acquire new knowledge and skills more advanced than what I had now which I why I think these Master courses are the right ones for me.

I always have the curiosity about how the advance in industrial technology is going to lead us in the future of society: the way that economic of countries is based by respectful percentage on manufacturing goods and services and export them outside to bring hard currency, the way my country suffer from unstable economic because of the absence of good industrial management even though the resources are available and opportunities are limitless, all these factors shaped my passion in this field as I want to be an entrepreneur who benefit his country and in order to do that I felt the need to further equip myself with well respected and professional study to get insight the role for of how engineering management has advanced at my chosen universities in UK which will defiantly enhance my knowledge, experience and professional network and give me necessary skills to be professional engineer and a manager who can participate positively in planning, operating and delivering the value for my company and for my society as a whole

Iedha01 21 / 40  
Sep 26, 2016   #2
Hi there, I am not good in writing but I will try to give you some comments related to your essay

-Choosing the three courses was not a hard job as I ALREADY KNOW what ...

In my point of view, this sentences are too long and a little bit unclear. You're better use some proper CONJUNCTION.
The word ALREADY in the first sentence used the wrong tense. You must use the PAST TENSE OR PRESENT PERFECT there. ALREADY means you've faced and known it before, so your sentence should be

- Choosing the three courses was not a hard job as I HAVE already KNOWN.......

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