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Delivering a knowledge of Drug discovery, seeking for PhD research. Career Plan essay for Chevening

Ysalah 3 / 8  
Nov 6, 2016   #1

Drug Discovery master

I need your urgent help.Are ideas arranged in the right way and convinced for you ?

My fundamental role in those two years is the delivery of knowledge of Drug discovery and seek for Ph,D research direction based on the internal needs

Firstly,I am going to work as a tutor in Medicinal Chemistry in academic institutions and I will link students with the overall picture of drug discovery.In addition,I will participate in seminars ,workshops related to same topic.As a result,I will contribute enhancing the awareness of drug discovery and cover a gap of lacking specialists in my home.Also,teaching will benefit me by being updated on what's new.

Secondly,I will focus in this period to be a part of researches related to combat Endemic diseases and national product that have an antitumor or antibacterial effects.I will advantage from the courses I've chosen because they cover all aspects of drug discovery .This mean I will join different medical researches by using my knowledge of specific aspect from the master which relate to the research.

Sudan is one of the developing countries that suffer from Endemic diseases such as Leishmaniasis and Malaria.UK government and WHO have an important role in prevention and elimination of these diseases in Sudan as implementing Visceral Leishmaniasis elimination program by UK government, which started from July 2013.Also, I think the Major Pharmaceutical companies neglect these diseases by avoiding expense in Endemic diseases research which is not financially rewarding for them and high costly,So,we have to double efforts by enhancing research in Endemic diseases in local universities and institutions.For me,I will collaborate with researchers teams in Tropical Research Institute and Institute of Endemic diseases to tackle Leishmaniasis and Malaria.

Sudan is one of the biggest countries in Africa.There is a diverse number of medicinal plants, some of which are being used as traditional herbal medicines.I will collaborate in researches related to finding new molecules from those plants that have anticancer or antibacterial potency with teams in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Institute and Traditional Medicine.

In the next five years, I am planning to complete postgraduate studies to gain Ph.D.Then,I want to go further in research to target unmet diseases like Cancer and discover new Antimicrobial drugs by working for one of the Global pharmaceutical industries

After many years I am looking forward to opening the first national center in Sudan specialized in Drug discovery research for neglected.diseases using Sudanese national products.At that time, I will work as a linker between my network of researcher from outside and the national center to improve research.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,568 4443  
Nov 7, 2016   #2
Yousif, you must make a connection between your first course choice and your career plan. After all, that is the reason why you are applying for this scholarship. You surely have a career focus in mind based upon your chosen 3 majors right? So which of those three is your priority and why? That is what you should be presenting in this essay. The "Why" pertains to the career plan after you graduate. I don't really get a sense that you will be using the information you will be learning to help you advance your career. Instead, I am being presented with more study plans in aid of drug discoveries. Perhaps you can better focus your career plan on how you plan to use the information you gained during your year of study first. That way you can at least show the reviewer that you are not what is known as "a professional student" who uses scholarships and research grants to survive financially. These sorts of students, who actively pursue one scholarship after another in order to gain financial benefits are frowned upon and right now, because your response centers around drug discoveries and future studies, such a misconception may occur while reviewing your essay.

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