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Driving force to be a leader - leadership and influence chevening essay

Oct 13, 2023   #1
I wish to have feedback regarding my essay. please do comment :)

Chevening is looking for individuals who will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries.

Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer.

(minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

The most tangible trait that assists me in most crisis times is my leadership. Back when I started attending university, I was not from a financially strong family. In order to finish my study, I kept on improving my academic grades and achievements as a requirement to obtain government's scholarship from first year until graduation. The biggest success in my achievements was when I became the president of student community of English debating society. I managed in using my leadership skill to organize debate competition for high school and varsity which initially on city scale to become regional scale (sumatera island). Nevertheless, the fund from my university for the event was only 5 million rupiah. With original 10 members, I succeeded to recruit more than 50 freshmen as new members and gathered more than 50 million rupiah by forming a fundraising team, disseminating a total of 150 copies of partnership proposal and eventually be approved by big companies in Palembang city such as Bank XX, PT XX, PT XX, and PT. XX.

Professionally, I am fortunate to have become a foreman of welding and fabrication division PT XX in 2016 since I graduated from university. A leading states owned company in fertilizer producing. I oversaw a total of 75 contract employees to conduct projects related to welding issues. The problem I faced in the early year of my occupation is that these people were not qualified as their roles should be. To rectify this, I together with my team arrange the program to regularly certify my subordinates based on their classifications and give additional practical training as needed. This action has led my company to gain more profits by sending professional workers to assist other companies accomplish their facility rejuvenations such as PT XX, XX, and many more.

My passion in giving influence to people ultimately brought me to aid the development of youngsters in my hometown. I realize that training to acquire skill to be a welder is very expensive. Therefore, I with my team have managed to establish a free social empowerment program through my company's CSR in 2022. I serve as keynote speaker for in-class learning, instructor as well as welding inspector. The training duration is 14 days and aimed for jobless youth between the age of 18 to 23 with total of 20 participants for each term and 3 terms per year. We assist those who have passion to become welders, equip them and monitor their skill progress to finally receive certification. Hence, they could utilize this upscaled skill to find a proper job in the future. In the end, this program has become a sustainable CSR program until today and led the youngsters to be employed in various manufacture sectors in Indonesia and assisted the societal development.

Ergo, based on my experiences, I believe that I am a deserving candidate for this scholarship, as I have had proficiency in managing teams, influencing people, and eventually giving impact to my home nation.

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