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Ecommerce, fiance, management - GKS - G Personal Statement (MBA Student)

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Feb 21, 2023   #1

GKS - G Personal Statement

"An MBA is only as difficult as you make it, and it is as rewarding as you invest in it." I heard this quote when I was attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 during my undergraduate year. It was a very unique platform where I got a chance to meet academicians, new-age entrepreneurs, and business personalities. Here, we are assigned to attend the Startup Fest to gain first-hand experience and exposure to entrepreneurship, its concept, and a wide range of deliberations. This was done to instill a desire for entrepreneurship in young minds. I get to attend this program because I was a part of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell Club, which was run by my college. Here I get a chance to bring up innovative ideas and also conduct creative workshops, including interaction with various experts. During these events, I get interested in marketing and management strategies for businesses, and I learn that booming marketing strategies can either make or break a business. I have long been interested in combining modern media technology with traditional advertising methods to form profitable marketing strategies for businesses. So, this is the reason I am applying to the MBA program. One of the advantages of getting an MBA in Korea is that it is in the center of Asia. As an international student in Korea, you have the opportunity to visit Asian countries and understand how the Asian market works, which offers great networking opportunities and has great potential for students who want to specialize in international business.MBA curriculum includes tasks based on business model analysis which enables MBA grads to analyze the stock information, numbers, and data to predict and assuage the threats in the business models. These assignments help students become strategic thinkers to design their brand and business model, it helps students learn more intricate skills. Such as public speaking, leadership, teamwork, conflict management, and negotiations. Earning an MBA abroad will give me a new aspect on how businesses are handled there, and I will get in contact with work cultures and mindsets different from mine. Ultimately, it will help me learn better or just different ways of doing business. South Korean education is highly specialized, always updated with the latest trends, and the teaching quality is excellent. As an international student, you will gather a lot of important knowledge as well as experience through practical sessions. I believe that this program will help me experience new things, boost my potential, and train and equip me to have a broader academic outlook. The education I am going to receive during my degree program will prepare me to meet these challenges through a mix of lectures and hands-on projects, which will expand not only my financial skills but also my leadership expertise as well. These applied experiences will allow me to network with leading corporations in the business field, as well as build my background and knowledge for my future work in the professional realm to support my education and prepare me for my master's degree.

During my undergraduate studies, I pursued a bachelor of commerce in accounting and finance, with a strong emphasis on enterprise management. I gave presentations, and projects and explore business management topics such as strategic management and communication, economics, and cost management accounting and auditing. Because I come from a middle-class family, my parents couldn't afford to pay for educational supplements for me. I had been through a lot of difficulties. I remember borrowing books from my seniors for my semester when I was in university because I couldn't afford them I had gone through a lot of struggles and hardships. Three years of my college were tough but the good thing was I have my family, friends, and advisors who supported me, when I was at rock bottom they were the people who had a great help during my top days. As mentioned my university days were tough but it was made awesome because of the volunteering Activities, I was privileged to participate in the "Green Wheels on Air" program, which is a radio outreach campaign to reach a wider cross-section of society regarding sustainable green mobility. We formed a group of 22 students and presented a radio module under the guidance of our teachers. The team's contributions to the project include a song, a quiz, and 17 innovative slogans on the topic of green urban mobility. The play was written, directed, and presented by us and later broadcast on all Indian radio and online radio channels. We are all praised for our efforts after the project is completed.

When COVID hit in 2020, I was in my fourth semester of undergrad. That's when things started to get difficult because our classes were online and I live in a rural area with poor internet service. I do not understand things properly, which leads to lower marks in my semester. I was so disappointed. So, I decided to learn subjects on my own through the notes my professors and seniors provided. I and my classmates decided to create a group so each of us could upload our problem and other students could upload solutions. We even created test series so we could practice for the semester, and through this group, we learned new techniques to understand and remember a topic. We assign individual responsibilities to each of us so that we can solve the problem while also focusing on our studies. I get a chance to manage and consult the group. And as a result, I get an A in my remaining two semesters, which lifts my GPA very well. This incident impacted me a lot. I wanted to learn management and consulting on a large scale so that I could later work for a business. These days, online businesses are at their peak, and if I get the proper knowledge, I might get a job working with them. So, I started looking for universities to apply to for my master's, and last year I started to arrange documents for my application. However, I was rejected in the second round of selection. Yet, Two universities offered me 50% off tuition fees, but I had to defer it even though it was a great opportunity because I did not have enough money to live in Korea. However, I know doing the same thing in Korea is not as easy as in India, and of course, tuition fees are not the only thing; other things are also equally valuable. It will be great if I could have financial support and spend all my time and mind studying for a master's. This time, I started preparing ahead of time. I already started to learn Korean, so it will be a little easier for me to survive there, To support my finances, I did an internship as a financial analyst, and here I learned some technical and managerial skills and conducted analyses related to topics related to products and services. This time, to be more aware, I followed MBA students on LinkedIn and asked about their experience of studying in South Korea. I get a very good response. Marc Breynart is an international MBA student currently studying in South Korea. He helped me a lot to get further knowledge about universities and curricula. As he also has the same field of study as mine in business development and marketing, and he has good work experience in Japan and South Korea, he can explain all the details very well and help me meet on various opportunities.

I enrolled in Mindler's International Certified Career Coach program. Where I learn leverages technology, research, machine learning, and algorithms to enable students to discover their unique potential. Students these days spend a lot of time on social media, so it will be good to teach them these things using modern technologies. So, I finished the digital marketing course at an Indian digital education institution, where our mentors assisted us greatly in understanding digital marketing concepts. I learned the marketing strategies and their basic concepts, which helped me understand how these businesses operate online. to get some professional experience. I decided to do an internship so I could learn things practically. It was an Ed-Tech company, and the main motive was to provide learning and training to students and employees by using computer programs and educational systems. I was a business growth intern; we were a team of 10 people with one manager. After receiving training for one week, we were prepared to start the real work, which was conducting market research and identifying potential clients, collecting and maintaining client's information in the database, assisting with the drafting of plans, sales pitches, presentation reference materials, and other documents required, and cultivating strong relationships with new clients while maintaining existing client relationships. During this period, I gained a lot of skills, like presentation skills, business development management skills, and, most importantly, communication skills, as my first job was to call people, communicate with them, make them understand our service, listen to their queries, and try to find the best solution. I learn a lot of things. During this internship, our co-founder assigns a task to each team: create one sales pitch and then pitch it to customers in front of them so they can see what we have learned. And the following day, everyone started pitching their scripts. When it was my turn, I presented my pitch with a little presentation consisting of information about the company, our services, and customer reviews. After pitching it to the customer, I solve his queries and close the deal for the day. It was the first time I got a chance to interact with a customer, and I was glad that I was able to close the deal. After two days, our co-founder came to our meeting and said that I was the only one who thought of presenting a pitch with a presentation, and my co-founder and manager both praised me for my creativity. Then I'm assigned to senior training and placement in HR After that, I was not only able to call people for interviews, but I was also able to interview them. which was a great experience. During these days, I complete one more course, "Digital Skills" by Accenture, where I get to know how social media can give you potential customers for your business, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

Apart from these, I enjoy cooking and preparing dishes from various cuisines; Korean cuisine is one of my favorites because it is primarily composed of rice, vegetables, and meat. My favorites are kimchi, bibimbap, and mandu. I started following the "Sweet and Tasty TV" YouTube channel to learn these recipes; she makes delectable Korean dishes, and through her channel, I learn so much about Korean culture.

Earning an MBA makes you part of a global network of nearly 1000 alumni, giving you access to respected and intelligent professionals I may not otherwise have had a chance to connect with. Beyond being part of a broader community, I'll have the opportunity to build relationships with other professionals in the classroom and beyond. Because this course is diverse, with students from various backgrounds and geographies, on-campus social events provide opportunities to connect with alumni and students studying different disciplines.

As I have a passion for doing new things and working hard, I have an exceptional drive and determination to succeed. I can communicate well with new people and have some different skills that separate me from others. If I get a chance to become an MBA candidate, it will help me make a successful career ahead.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,830 4781  
Feb 22, 2023   #2
I am unsure about what kind of advice or help you expect to receive from me regarding your personal statement. Based on the advice that you have given other students, who are also applicants for the same program, you have already done your research with regards to how to write the paper and what it should contain. You have already watched all the videos, read the blogs and articles, and even spoken to other successful candidates about how to develop a winning personal statement. You have left me with no wiggle room to review or advise you regarding this essay because of the way you have taken advice from others before me. I cannot ask you revise, edit, or delete any content in your paper at this point. It would just run counter to the previous readings and advice you have received. Which means you will not be receptive to anything I have to say about your paper and its content. You are only asking for the approval of this essay from me. Something I cannot give because I am not the primary source of writing advice and guidance for the development of this paper. I am sorry, I cannot help you in this case. Ask the others you consulted with previously to approve your writing instead.
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Feb 22, 2023   #3
Please don't get me wrong. Actually I failed last time that's why I'm trying to write good personal statement.and it's my last chance to apply that's why i upload it.

If you find any problem or any useless sentence in my personal statement please do let me know I'll improve myself for better your advice will not go for waste.

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