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An effective leader or influencer - CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIP

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Nov 2, 2017   #1
Hi guys, this is my LEADERSHIP essay for Chevening Scholarship. But if you have any comments and suggestions will be more than happy to accept it

Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer. (minimum word count: 50 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

my vision to move forward

An effective leader or influencer must be brave, visionary, and someone who works well in teams, inspires others and adapts to change. Working as a state auditor for almost 3 years on the Indonesian Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP) made me realize that to make a positive change, it takes a leader who has those 5 characteristics. Living as a professional serving my country in a remote, conflict-ridden place like West Papua was not easy-it required drawing on those characteristics, as well as sacrifice, patience and hard work.

In fact, the state auditor profession is not an individual job; it takes the contribution of each team member to achieve good results. Often when leading a team in an assignment, I am confronted by unfavorable situations. For example, in 2016, the team and I were assigned to audit an alleged corruption case in a Regency Government in the province of West Papua. Due to it being a remote area un-supervised by law enforcement, the audit team and I often received death threats from strangers, both via short messages and physical intimidations on the spot. Obviously, some parties were not happy that we existed or pleased about our activities in West Papua. But I believed the task was important, so as the team leader, I tried to encourage and motivate team members to keep thinking positively regardless of the threats we received. As the situation became more unconducive, I initiated carrying out the audit process in different way: applying a familial approach to the examination subject in obtaining important information to support our report. I changed the audit concept from "examination" to "improvement and solution provision" without changing the initial purpose of the audit. As a result, the situation that had initially heated up became more relaxed. The subject of the examination better received the advice and solutions that we provided while still recognizing the facts related to the case so as to strengthen the quality of our audit reports.

A good leader is also adaptable to change. Working in different areas with high frequency makes me more adaptable to change, allowing me to adjust as needed in accordance with local wisdom and culture. This is proven by my ability to lead an audit team consisting of several people who have different characteristics. These changes have no impact on the quality of my teamwork; instead, they have a positive impact on the way others see me. The familial approach that I take in my assignments makes me more appreciated by my fellow workers, and on some occasions, there are even some workers who are inspired by it. I take pride in this because it is not easy to go from being a state auditor who is often feared initially to being recognized and appreciated as a pleasant figure because of my untraditional approach.

I believe that a future leader must also learn a lot regardless of any current advantages. Therefore, my desire to continue education through Chevening scholarships to the UK is a form of my vision to move forward so that I am able to contribute more, to both the general public and my country in particular, with the knowledge I will later gain.
federik - / 4  
Nov 2, 2017   #2
Good essay on effective leader. As in this essay told about yourself and a good conclusion where in you highlighted about the mission very well. Well explained about the leadership qualities.Last sentence you can use gain later instead of later gain.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,560 4442  
Nov 2, 2017   #3
Obbie, there is just one slight information addition that you should make to this essay in order to make it fully usable for the essay. You need to explain how you protected your subordinates in this instance. A true leader will not only adjust the office related objectives. He will also ensure the safety of his employees in dangerous situations. So what did you do as the leader of the group to enhance the protection of your team? Did you ask the local police for assistance? Did the office supply your team with bodyguards? What did you do to try and diffuse the highly charged situation? Explaining how you protected your team and the welfare of your team members is an important factor to present in this essay. It will help to enhance the leadership skills that you have and also, emphasize the importance of influencing skills in this instance.

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