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Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD program? Powerful vision and effort.

Alvaro 1 / -  
Feb 9, 2021   #1

Elon Musk inspired me

This was the first time I had made an essay on an international scholarship, please help me make critiques and Suggestions on it.
Thank you!

Have you wondered, "What if Elon Musk gave up on his dream of establishing a life on mars when SpaceX's first launch failed?"

Elon Musk inspired me in the past year when I failed the entrance test for the University of Indonesia. From him, I realize that an outstanding leader is not about money and power, but about having a powerful vision and effort.

Therefore, I try to rise from my failure before and realize that I have value in improving Indonesia's education.

I am a person who loves diversity and making networks. That's why I enjoy joining an organization and usually be a delegate in many activities outside the school.

From that, I saw many of the educational weaknesses that appear in my school and some schools In my hometown, such as unequal teacher quality, improper facilities, and lack of self- development learning platform.

These things are crucial and need to be attentive, moreover of self-development. According to John Dewey, self-development is a continuous process of skills development to an ever-higher degree (Savage, 2002). Therefore, a self-development learning platform availability is required.

I also found several problems that appear on a much larger scale, such as the quality of students who are still below the average in Asia and the unequal condition of education between regions in Indonesia. I want to contribute by improving myself and building a solution.

I majored in Information System at Satya Wacana Christian University, which my starting point in improving Indonesia's education.

I can see, Most of the education problems existing from students In Indonesia is not have the same opportunity, The Opportunity to have access to a qualified teacher, proper facilities, and a platform for personal growth.

So, my solution is I want to build an Edu-Tech Platform that cheap but have an outstanding quality of teacher, content, and feature. This platform is not only present K-13 subject course but as well soft skills and hard skills courses. I attached soft skills and hard skills courses because to face the future. We can't only have good intellectual skills but also the moral character and technical capability. Through that, many students will have equal opportunity.

In the way to accomplish this vision, I try to improve my knowledge and to make something. Since last year, I am leading a project that tries to building awareness about the disparity of education. We held this project on an online platform. With this project, my team wants to aware the young generation in my province of the importance of having the right mindset. The right mindset is to know that the quality of education doesn't depend on the school quality. But it depends on the quality of the student. I learn about leadership, teamwork, and time management from leading this project. Also, I can see a new point of view about education from my teammates.

Further upon my return, I wish to establish a project that helps students in my province to get information about scholarships and study abroad. With my experience join the UGRAD Program, I wish to learn from the world's top leaders and expand my network. Also, learn why the U. S has a world quality education. So by that, I can return to Indonesia and help more students to study.

As a young Indonesian person, by joining this UGRAD Program I hope to bring a new perspective to the cultural and academic settings in the U. S, not just via my nationality but also my identity. My identity as a person who has a powerful vision and effort.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 10, 2021   #2
The scholarship program always bases its first consideration of the applicant based on his community leadership skills and abilities. How have you looked into resolving these problems in your own? What steps have you taken as a civic minded leader to help lessen the impact of the problem on your community? What effects have these changes had on your community? How has this experience built your leadership style and skills? Why do you believe that these experiences qualify you as a candidate for the scholarship? Based on these guidelines, you can see why the reference to Elon Musk at the start of the essay is unimportant to the presentation. For more effective reference points, delete all reference to Elon Musk and the quote from Savage. Rather, discuss, on a personal basis, why this problem had a direct effect on you that motivated you to effect whatever change you could. Then go directly to the establishment of the Edu-Tech platform as that establishes your vision for your country's educational system and your leadership qualities as it relates to your topic of interest.

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