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Information about AAS from Australian university websites and from attending educational exhibitions

yeniuyun 1 / -  
Apr 18, 2018   #1

your effort to obtain information on your study options

The first time I got to know AAS from a talk show on campus that discussed scholarships abroad. One of the speakers was my lecturer who used to be an AAS awardee. That's where I learned all about AAS and the lives of students in Australia. Since then I have been very motivated to be able to continue my studies in Australia and begin to become self-reliant in order to pass AAS by studying harder, learning leadership actively in intra and extra campus organizations, attending various seminars / trainings and conducting research to find majors and universities which is of interest to me in Australia.

In addition to seeking information from Australian university websites, I am also diligent in seeking information and attending educational exhibitions organized by my college, educational consultancy and university representatives from Australia. There I consulted the majors and campuses in accordance with my educational background, the courses I was interested in, and linked them to my future goals.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,662 4753  
Apr 19, 2018   #2
@yeniuyun Do not term your introduction to the AAS as coming from a "talk show" on campus.; That implies something amateur and television related. Instead, you can say that you first heard about AAS from your lecturer who was giving a "talk" about AAS at a "study abroad conference" in your school. That sounds more professional. Now, since the essay is all about how you obtained study options, you should make reference to other possible university / scholarship / admissions options as well. The main point of this essay is to show the reviewer that you are a student serious about finding the right university for you to study in abroad. The essay itself should imply that after an exhaustive search, you settled on AAS based on your specific academic goals. That will showcase the strength of your conviction when considering your available study options.

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