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Medical and wellness services - your purpose course and Institution (AAS, Master of Public Health)

Yuayu7 1 / -  
Apr 21, 2024   #1
Hi! Please help me to review my answer for this question for AAS Scholarship. Thank you
The question:
Why did you choose your purpose course and institution?

I have recognized the vital importance of medical and wellness services in promoting overall health and well-being after gaining experience working in both fields. A comprehensive healthcare system that encompasses not only medical treatment but also preventive, rehabilitative, and lifestyle management is demanding. To build and operate this type of holistic center, a lot of preparation and improvement in knowledge are needed, such as deep research of social factors that can influence the outcome of health and well-being of individuals and communities, including valued cultural and holistic approaches as well as understanding gender inequality regarding health issues. Developing management, human resource, and entrepreneurial capabilities are also pivotal to providing high-quality services to the community. After conducting research, there are two universities in Australia which I believe can assist me in enhancing my knowledge and skills. The first one is Western Sydney University with the Master of Health Science (Health Services Management) program, which provides four additional subjects that I can choose from. These subjects will help me increase my capabilities in entrepreneurship, management, as well as health advancement and health promotion. The second one is La Trobe University with the Master of Public Health and Master of Health Administration (Health Promotion) program. This program aligns with my mission to expand my leadership competence in the healthcare system and to delve deeper into the issue of gender inequality in health services.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
Apr 21, 2024   #2
There is a specific prompt that asks you to discuss how the courses you have chosen will help you achieve your career goals. Save the first part of this response essay for that prompt. In this statement, you should be discussing the relationship of your academic needs with your course and university choices. This portion is about considering your strength and weaknesses as a professional. By providing an insight into your skills training and current career expertise, you can properly relate the expanded course and university choices with your academic goals and purposes. Your course and university discussions do not really expand on the information that would help the reviewer decide if you have really chosen the right course and university for your current skills and training.

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