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Networking is a key to develop your personality and a way to enhance your ideas and thinking

adirnarmak 3 / 5 2  
Aug 24, 2018   #1

networking essay for scholarship

In my perspective, interaction with different people is a key to develop your personality and way to enhance your ideas and thinking. Especially, it can be proved by my experience of four years living in another city because of my studies. I changed my location and lifestyle for a long time and settled in that city which is totally different from my hometown. Even the province is also changed. Furthermore, I have settled in hostel where I found different girls belonging to different cities. Thus, I got knowledge about not only that city where I lived temporary but also many other cities. Moreover, it enhanced my social links and kept escalating my networking connections.

As a result, I established a good networking with people. I still keep in touch with all of them. Moreover, I want to enhance my network and want to be a part of young leaders. By studying in UK, I would have a chance to interact with Computer Scientist and work on international level.
obianujumaureen 3 / 3  
Aug 25, 2018   #2
hi @adirnarmak
this is not the kind of networking skills that chevening scholarship requires. it needs you to talk of how you grew you professional networks and how useful is has been to your career.

kindly go through other essays on this forum to get an idea of how to go about it.
hope I've been of help
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,886 3555  
Aug 25, 2018   #3
Rimz, this sounds more like a college application draft than a Chevening essay. It lacks a reference to professional skills development and asset management / usage in a workplace setting. By asset management and usage, I am referring to how you can responsibly use your professional network to develop your potential as an employee. More importantly, you need to show that you have grown from being a rank and file employee to someone of responsibility with a position of trust in the company. This is most often done by representing two things in your networking essay:

1. How you build your network through management training such as conferences and seminars you have attended. Note the most important conference or seminar that you most recently used as part of your network.

2. The reason why you had to use the network, how you used it, and what the final outcome was for you. If this networking skill led to your promotion at the office or some sort of recognition, that would be the best one to present for the discussion.

With a 500 word maximum, you can write a 250-300 word essay. That is, if you feel that you do not have enough accomplishments in terms of professional networking skills with which to impress the reviewer. Don't forget to explain why these networks will be of value to Chevening and its scholars. Be open about the idea of sharing the network with anybody from Chevening who needs it.

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