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My original personality was never a leading or influencing type. Chevening Scholarship

mgl23 /  
Nov 6, 2016   #1
I would really appreciate if anyone could review and comment on my answer below to the Chevening leadership question. Any feedback is appreciated.

Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using ...

My original personality was never a leading or influencing type. I enjoyed playing alone and preferred to do assignments alone rather than with friends as a kid. During these years, my only desire was to improve myself, as I felt like I can't do anything important that could influence others.

After attending law school, I was selected as a "class leader" by my classmates, thanks to my good relationship with them. A class leader is a student responsible for managing and representing a class, which can be seen in schools in XXX. The role certainly required me to leave my comfort zone. I had to assist my classmates of nearly 30 students on their studies if necessary, expressed their opinion to the school and the professors and organized the class for school activities. I was also responsible if the overall grades of the class goes bad or the class fails to attend public events, that eventually improved my responsibility. I gradually realized my potential to manage the class and to lead them so that we can do better in our studies and social activities together. I have successfully organized my class in winning the school's cultural festival for 2 consecutive years and the school moot court competition. As a result of the experience as a class leader, I have become confident that I'm able to do something meaningful for my class, future work or even certain part of the society.

By the time of my graduation of law school, I assisted in organizing my class to donate a cardiology equipment needed for a public hospital in XXX, at the initiative of a student. At first, it seemed almost impossible to convince other students to donate at first, as the graduation costs of the students were already high. However, since I was fully aware of the importance and outcome of the activity, I took every possible measures to make the project successful, by persuading them about how we can cut our graduation costs and how important the equipment was for the patients.

At my current job, a law firm, I introduced to the partners of our firm the celebration of environmental days, as I support the idea that businesses should give back to the society. Within this framework, we are organizing activities towards the goal of raising awareness of our environment, including distributing materials related to saving water on the World Water Day and cleaning litter of a mountain on the Earth day. In my opinion, the outcome of these activities is far more important than the little effort we put in them.

To summarize, I'm confident that I have acquired important leadership skills, such as organizational, taking responsibility, planning and being innovative, as a result of my favorable experiences. I have also no doubt that with these skills and habits I have acquired and are still developing, I will do anything I can do to make the society better and lead others to do the same, wherever I go or whatever I do.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,542 2969  
Nov 6, 2016   #2
Zolzaya, I don't really see this essay as properly responding to the prompt requirements. Your academic leadership experience is not the kind of organized activity related leadership role so the leadership traits displayed are not really noticeable nor remarkable to the reviewer. Your work leadership skill is almost non-existent and does not direct the reviewer's attention to any specific leadership trait that you displayed on the job which can be considered influential within your professional circle in any way. As your adviser, I would suggest that you try to develop a new essay that is more relevant to the prompt and will allow you to properly display a strong influential and leadership trait. Right now, this essay cannot accomplish that task.

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