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Practical examples on how will I use my knowledge and skills and list of constrainsts- AAS

Jun 21, 2020   #1

Three examples (health care field)

Give up thre practical examples of how you intend to use knowledge, skills and connection gain from your scholarship. Possible tasks can be professional/personal and list any possible constraints you may think may prevent you from achieving tasks.

I would like to strengthen the health delivery system of Nepal. To achieve the target, I would carry out three tasks utilizing knowledge and skills obtained from the Master in Public Health course.

Despite people living with chronic diseases being vulnerable group, there is disruption in physiotherapy and rehabilitation services which are critical for chronic disease management especially in rural communities. Therefore to address this problem, I will try to draw attention of government on access to therapeutic care for chronic diseases including rehabilitation services in rural area while developing COVID-19 response and preparedness plan. I will enforce health policy-maker for proportionate mobilisation of physiotherapist at community level including primary health care level and District Hospitals. Longer term, I will work for recovery from consequences of COVID-19 such as decreased pulmonary function, endurance by conducting awareness and exercise campaign.

After working as a physiotherapist in a rural community for years, I witnessed the architectural barrier a major obstacle that keeps people with disabilities from utilization of provided heath services. For instance, during the current pandemic, people with disabilities are having difficulty in mantaining personal hygiene, sanitation, and function with maximum potential due to disability unfriendly environment which poses huge societal and economic burden. Therefore, my next step would be to conduct community-based programs in remote areas focusing on disability-friendly environment and infrastructures in partnership with government, organization, engineering team, and community stakeholders.

Furthermore, I will promote evidence-based health care by implementing research findings in delivery health services, national policy, and individual practice. I will conduct epidemiological and interventional studies on chronic diseases which then be used to formulate effective approaches that are feasible in the context of Nepal.

I think possible constraints that may prevent me from achieving the above tasks are:
·Funding and Financing
·Awareness of rehabilitation, disability, chronic diseases and consequences among community stakeholders and authorized personnel
·Human resources
·Political, social and cultural barriers
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,902 3559  
Jun 21, 2020   #2
You are not referring to how your new knowledge will help you address the problems. It sounds to me, as a reviewer, that you do not really need to study this course or go to Australia to be able to address the problems you indicated. The instructions clearly state that a connection between your studies and the plans you have for your career upon your return must be addressed in this essay. I do not see a connection between the course knowledge and professional network development in this essay. You need to review your work. Think of how the course requirements. What are the 3 things you know you will learn about during the course? How can you apply those theoretical and practical skills to your profession upon your return? More importantly, how will the network you will be creating, through your classmates and the previous graduates of this course (internationally) help you overcome the potential problems you may have with regards to fulfilling the connected plans?

There are 3 areas your plans have to address so pick one plan per sector:
- professional
- personal
- network

Address all 3 in your revised essay so that you can fully explain the requirements of the essay. Focus on explaining the useful skills and the importance of the network you will be creating. Those will be of extra importance when you consider how you will face and overcome the problems you will be indicating in the essay. Explain how these skills (academic and practical) and network will be the instruments that can help you succeed.
siwbatkrg 1 / 3  
Jun 22, 2020   #3
Hi, for the plans I think it is well-elaborated and hopefully can align with AAS vision on your country. But please elaborate more on the constraints and how your overcome them.
ranuarga 3 / 8  
Jun 23, 2020   #4
I think you also have to explain how you will overcome the challenges / constraints

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