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Problem with water resources in Nigeria. Home Country Benefit Commonwealth

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Mar 22, 2018   #1

Home Country Benefit Commonwealth

I recognize Nigeria's need for quality water as a quest to abate the epidemic associated with consumption of contaminated water. In 2015, there was an increased rate of mortality in the rural areas of the south-eastern part of Nigeria. This was caused by the consumption of contaminated water from the stream water sources.

The 2015 Nigerian government program in the water sector focused on the area of water resources development in dam construction, urban water supply, irrigation and power generation, while proper management, routine water treatment, and conservation of the water resources were not given adequate attention which resulted in underutilization of the facilities, and unavailability of safe drinking water. In order to overcome this deficit, the present Nigerian government through the National Council for Water Resources, NCWR 2017 created water policies and initiatives to effectively maintain and control water resources, and promote the private sector participation in water services with the vision of optimising the use of Nigerian water resources at all times. However, water resources maintenance and management will only be successful if there is the skilled manpower intelligence, motivated and highly-trained personnel with the technicality to effectively treat water, and manage the resources.

Driven by my strong self-belief and zeal to improve the livelihood of the Nigerian society through good health and improved science, I am keen to act as the catalyst to provide the solution related to inadequate water resources management. My study plan is to research the use of ozonation in the removal of micro-parasitic organism commonly found in stream water sources. This study plan is imperative to the goal of the NCWR in optimizing the use of stream water resources in providing clean water in rural areas.

I am confident that through the commonwealth shared scholarship to study Water and Environmental Management (MSc) at the University of xyxyxy, I will acquire competency in environmental and water management system and policies, and water treatment processes and design.

On return to Nigeria in 2019 after the successful completion of my program, I will use my acquired skills to collaborate and support the NCWR to implement the use ozonation in treating stream water sources in rural areas, assist the council in maintaining and rehabilitation of rural water infrastructure, and creating sustainable environmental management policies. The NCWR has a vision to accomplish its goal by 2021, hence, in my contributions, I hope to have developed a sustainable method for treating stream water resources for rural inhabitants, developed a logical and comprehensive policy framework that integrates sound principles of water management and environmental sustainability, and promote the importance of the private sector participation in the provision of rural water supply and sanitation services on community levels. With the increased access of the rural populace to safe drinking water and the decrease in health challenges and rate of mortality which stem from consuming safe drinking water in the south-eastern rural areas, the impact of my study and work can be measured

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,132 3268  
Mar 26, 2018   #2
Chuwuka., the scholarship application has too much focus on the back story and not enough focus on how the completion of the program will allow you to enact a doable series of projects to aid in the cleaning of the Nigerian water supply. All you present are talking points but there is no plan of action behind them. How do you plan to make contact with these specific organizations upon your completion of this program in order to begin your plans for water system rehabilitation? Don't focus on the state of the water supply and the lack of government action regarding it. Work that presentation into your detailed post graduation plan instead. Or, you can slip some of the government inabilities into your discussion of your study plan. Revise the content of the essay to be more about you and less about the government plan. Sure it is important to discuss the government projects with regards to fixing the problem. That's why you have to highlight how your studies and plans will work to highlight solutions to the government plans. That way, the benefit to your home country will be extremely clear. Your 4th paragraph doesn't make any sense by the way. How exactly does the university accomplish what you imply? I believe it would be better to omit that paragraph if you are unable to fully develop that discussion beyond the talking points you mentioned.
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Mar 26, 2018   #3
@Holt thank you very much for your contribution. I have noted the errors, I will do the corrections

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