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To reach level five for my TOPIK. My Study Plan - GKS.

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Sep 23, 2019   #1

Study Plan Learning Language Program for GKS

Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor's degree course
BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

Less preparation when I took the IELTS test in February making my targeted score has not reached in speaking and writing so that I need more time to take preparation for improving the weaknesses. I am intrigued to spend my time joining international conferences to increase my English ability in speaking before going to South Korea. For example, I will represent Indonesia for ASEAN Youth Forum 2019 in September, yet I tried to implement my English ability by teaching the remote student in my hometown. Teaching grants me a room to escalate new vocabulary while I gave the duty to the students to remember five vocabularies, by evaluating them, spontaneously I must remember all the student's recitation.

to enlarge my capacity to teach them, I made use of time to watch some videos (TEDTalks, Khan Academy, etc) at eight p.m. every day. By watching, it assisted me to develop my knowledge, in general, to increase my words to speak and write. Moreover, I tend to practice my academic writing every weekend. I planned to take my IELTS exam in November 2019 after my online IELTS course will have been accomplished which means I targeted that I will have no big problem with English upon my arrival in South Korea. English will be the bridge for me to learning a new language in another country.

I have been interested in Korea Language since I heard the huge enthusiasm about publicly movies from my friends. Since then, I often watched Korean movies and Korean series, I believe that Korean Languages could be the most powerful language tomorrow. the first plan is to propagate my Korean vocabulary, I committed to memorizing at least eight vocabularies every day after my IELTS exam. Slowly but surely, I will have 480 vocabularies in two months. Second, I would like to listen more to Korean Pronunciation by watching any movies which also gives me a chance to study the culture, the environment, and ethics. Third, upon my arrival in South Korea, I planned to take a Korean Language Program to support from my first and second plans I made which is in the first day, I will set up the scale of priority focusing on my weakness. I will enter the class without any single permission to focus on my Language Program with addition self-study at night on weekdays. In the weekend, I will also try to enjoy my day with socializing to local people and joining for any volunteer activity base on my small dream that I made, to practice my Korean Language. Hopefully, with this plan, I will reach level five for my TOPIK.
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Sep 24, 2019   #2
Hey! Seeing as you have already posted here before, I hope that the feedback you receive here has somehow helped you in your writing endeavors. If it has, don't hesitate to approach us for more information on your writing.

The first paragraph needs a bit of cleaning up in terms of structure. The first sentence immediately is bombarded with unnecessary flairs that do not contribute anything to the essay. Remember that you need to have a more focused and dedicated written work, especially if you want to make this writing appear to be a lot more put-together than anything else.

Furthermore, the example integrated into the first paragraph appears to be out of place. I suggest moving this into somewhere in the center of your essay, considering that it is an inessential and yet passionate portion of your background. For the introduction, just focus on introducing fundamental information about you rather than rambling about certain topics.

You can separate the last paragraphs into two portions. Remember that having a distinguishable concluding paragraph would help you elevate the structure and organization of your writing, making your essay appear to be a lot less cluttered.

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