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Reference letter from my manager in an educational group to Chevening high commission/UK embassy

Farzad_e 1 / -  
Dec 27, 2021   #1

Reference letter for chevening scholarship

I need some help with solving grammatical problems of this refrence letter
It's for chevening scholarship
From my manager in an educational group

To chevening high commission/UK embassy

I am honored to provide a reference for Mr.xxxx
He started his work in 2018 directly under my leadership in xxx Institute in ××××.

Our recruitment process is hard and requires many different skills and using knowledge for inuencing on clients,

Among the people who we called for job interviews while all were top university admitted persons too, Mr.xxxx got the job for educational consultant because of his great performance in interviews and his resume.

Mr.xxxxx is one of the proper persons in all aspects like managing skills, good connection with clients, handling different tasks, and so on in our team.

Since he joined our institute, and started his work, we received good feedbacks about him so far, I willingly promoted him to a higher position in the management of humanities affairs, and he has done his best so far in handling lower employees who work under his supervision.

I always seen Mr.xxxx's passion in his work, staying in office to finish his works more than work hours is an interesting scene that we all seen,

His plans for promotion of institute was very considerable and helped us to have more clients.

I also engaged with him directly in various education service deliveries to our diverse clientele like education classes, school seminars, teaching videos and pamphlets.
It is no hesitation that he is a valued person for undertaking a postgraduate study in uk, as i said we only employ high-rank students and there is no doubt in his competence in continuing studies.

Don't hesitate if you needed any further information.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Dec 27, 2021   #2
For starters, the refereree does not make it clear when he last had professional contact with you. He must indicate the most recent professional interaction with you in order to qualify his recommendation as being up to date. Since he does not indicate that, then the reference already becomes invalid. Regardless of the accolades that he provided.

The letter also does not provite solid evidence of his observation of your professional networking skills that were involved in a project that the two of you collaborated on. The reference to your networking and leadership skills as observed through verifiable projects and undertakings must be indicated.

Finally, I have to point out that the letter will not be acceptable as a recommendation as it does not offer any support for the claims that you are expected to have made in the written interview essays that are part of the application process. That, is only the start of the failures present in the letter that was developed. It definitely does not meet Chevening recommendation letter requirements.

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