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Essays on letter of REFERENCE-SISGP scholarship

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I am writing for the referee

(This reference is based on a civil society engagement)

Please refer to our private services by emailing: essayforum.com@gmail.com. There several templates for review. This is not covered by free services. Thank you! EF

~there are templates which we use in writing.

1) Prompt; in your opinion, how will an SI scholarship for masters studies in Sweden be valuable for the professional and academic development of the applicant?

Response::An SI scholarship for Ms. Nadia will be an opportunity to her as it will aid in the realisation of her dreams in exploring her full potentials while studying her nesters program. This will enable her gain the neccesary skills which will drive her to create amendable solutions in the health system back in Cameroon.

2) Prompt; Briefly comment on the applicant's potential to contribute to and/or drive social changes in his/her context.

Response:: In her role as the vice President, she has demonstrated that effective collaboration through shared value programs with the community will go a long way in benefiting the society rather than just charitable giving.

3) Prompt; please evaluate the applicant's leadership capacity and potential to play a role in development of the society(e.g in networking, motivation and perseverance ; problem solving and communication) please give a concrete example.

Response:: Being influential is a key component of a great leader, this was seen with Ms. Nadia in September this year when she strategically planned on ways to return internallydisplaced kids to school and this was accomplished through a project which involved providing most basic needs for the school kids. This led to an increase of 25% of internally displaced kids who returned to school in the Sasse community in Buea.

4) Prompt;; in what capacity do you know the applicant?

Response :: Over the past year, i have know miss Nadia Enih to be a very talented and hardworking person as I have seen these qualities in her countless times without a doubt.

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