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Specified program choice. Does the content stand comprehensive in regard to the prompt?

Memduh 4 / 10 1  
Oct 14, 2017   #1
Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future.

Bradford, Aberdeen and Coventry

I have chosen International Business and Management program at the University of Bradford for two main reasons. first of all, the institution is distinguished by its multi-culture nature remarked by great figures of international students and boards, and the fact that being part of an elite group of business schools to achieve the 'Triple Crown' accreditation is undoubtedly stimulating. The second one which is quite essential to my degree is the dynamic structure of this course, it is flexible and suitable for me to transit to the world of business studies smoothly and academically. The constituent modules of this course are closely related to particular situations I have faced previously in the work field. One of which is cross-cultural management module which I can relatively connect to my experience of supervising staff from various cultural backgrounds.

My second choice is the University of Aberdeen, what distinguishes this school is the strategy followed by their experts in providing its academic excellence to students. The learning methods are remarkably related to the job field; through individual and group projects it focuses on skills which are sought after by employers. Moreover, the essence of this one-year-master degree is the profound impact the assessment methods will leave on my competency as a future leader. This will polish my mindset to be able to think thoroughly, analyze data, set up business plans, and make decisions that function in accordance with the business environment I am engaged with. In other words, the program of international business management will work as a proof to prospective employers to gauge my business knowledge and give me a powerful recruitment tool to secure better future.

My third selection is Coventry University, the international business management program taught there lays down vital importance on the critical need to understand the operational nature of doing business globally. I highly estimate the credits earned from this subject and understand why the program directors assigned two mandatory modules just to elaborate the notion of worldwide business, these modules will be of great importance to my future plans when it comes to dealing with professional MNEs (multinational enterprises). It will provide me with real-life experiential methods that are essential for global business. Moreover, I will have the competence to face the greatest business opportunities and also the greatest challenges that require true global leaders to act, think and create value.

At the end, my business space is pretty crowded these days and one of the major ways to stand out from the crowd is to be viewed as a leader, therefore, the abovementioned three courses will be the tool by which I will expand my area of expertise in business and management. The opportunity Chevening offers to get access to the nitty-gritty of the most advanced master programs will be invaluable to my academic record since most of the business schools in Syria are not able yet to provide such practical courses in this particular niche.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,416 4393  
Oct 15, 2017   #2
Memduh, your essay is strong in terms of explaining the reasons why you chose these university choices and your related experience. However, there is no opening discussion that explains how your academic background has laid out a foundation for you to be able to perform the tasks required to learn these lessons over the course of a year. What relevant college classes did you take or what applicable seminars have you attended that you feel have prepared you for the demands that these studies will make of you? That should be your opening paragraph / explanation.

In the first course choice, you did not manage to create a connection between that course and its future application in your workplace. You mentioned it as having a connection with your past experience. The reader also wants to know how it will apply to your future workload, just as you explained for the remaining 2 course choices.

I know, there is a 500 word requirement, so you will need to figure out how you can revise your very informative and intricate course choice explanations in order to fit all of the required information into the essay. Overall, good work. Just develop it further in order to create a stronger statement. Remove the reference to leadership at the end of your closing paragraph. That creates a redundancy with your leadership essay.
OP Memduh 4 / 10 1  
Oct 15, 2017   #3
Thank you for comments. I have revised the essay again and developed it to cover the prompt points.
Haya103222 1 / 3  
Oct 17, 2017   #4
is there any courses in your bachelor's journey related to the international business ?? or at least any related topic you studied at that stage ??

if yes so, it is better for you to mention that in your essay .
just to show that you have a good background in that course
OP Memduh 4 / 10 1  
Oct 17, 2017   #5

No, there are not any courses that have relation to the masters I seek to study. It was completely in English Language and Literature. BUT, I have decided to shift my studies to business and management because I have been working in this context for the last three years and I am still doing this kind of business. Moreover, the kind of programmes that I have selected and their structural modules enable students from various disciplines to study them and succeed in it.

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