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What makes you different and how do you stand out? - Topic of My Choice

vkwang 7 / 16  
Nov 13, 2008   #1
as for topic of my choice, i decided to write on how i was different from everyone else

What makes you different and how do you stand out?

In a college community, diversity is an important aspect. While my outward appearances tells that I am Asian, my character and personality does not hold true to most stereotypes. As a child, I grew up in a small town that consisted of mainly Caucasians which brought out my ethnicity. A typical stereotype of a Chinese girl would be one that excelled in academics and had musical talent. While I do hold true to excelling in academics and having musical talent, I was never born with the natural talent a typical Chinese girl had. Typical Chinese girls would also refrain from playing sports, but I knew I was different.

At the age of 6, I began to play the piano under the pressures of my strict parents. I knew that my parents were disappointed during my first lesson because I was not a child prodigy, like my cousins were. It was because of hard work and perseverance that I am now able to play famous pieces such as Beethoven and Mozart. Similarly, excelling in academics also required much effort and determination. I was never naturally smart and it took me a longer time to understand topics with the help of a tremendous amount of studying. I had eventually proven myself worth of entering accelerated classes as a result of receiving good grades from studying.

Nothing ever came naturally to me, and participating in sports was no exception. As a freshman playing for the first time on a school team, I felt compelled to do well in both volleyball and basketball. Because I never had any natural talent to play sports, my lack of experience resulted in getting very little playing time on the court. While on the bench, I admired my teammates that were athletically talented and wondered why I was never blessed with such a gift. Instead of whining about how I lacked talent, I took action that resulted in countless hours of practicing.

Luckily, I lived next to a basketball court, where I was able to perfect my jump shots and lay-ups. As for volleyball, I was very meticulous about how I passed the ball and practiced bumping to myself until the point where everything was flawless. Because of my character, I never settled for mediocre when I wanted excellence. When I returned the next season as a sophomore, everything drastically changed. I went from sitting on the bench into being a captain of Junior Varsity for both volleyball and basketball. My willpower and hard work has allowed me to improve in every way.

Although colleges have many Asians, I know that I would be able to stand out among them because of my character and personality. Living in a Caucasian community has allowed people to distinguish me as a diverse person.

feel free to fix any errors and give any opinions/revisions to anything :) please and thank you

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