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Personal statement for Environmental landscape Architecture master programme

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Mar 1, 2021   #1

Personal statement

As I grew up, seeing the residential developments, commercial centres and parking lots paved over many of the gardens created an imagination between human beings and the environment. From high school, I became interested in photography and art, which has compelled me to pay attention toward the relationship between human beings and the environment. Seeing today the relationship between human beings and the environment have realized that the environment we live in has suffered much damage from pollution and lacks competent planning which lead my memorial childhood place went away. How to create an environment suitable for human living when resources are limited is a question always in my mind. I began to think that I could make use of my artistic gift, concern about, and interest in the landscape by entering the field of environmental landscape architecture and putting my effort into beautifying our surroundings with peaceful coexistence with human beings.

Being the second son of the seven children in my family quality education is a rough and hard career to pursue due to financial constraint in the family. The death of my father, made education impossible meal to have in my family. My mother, a primary school teacher could only ensure the feeding of the family with stipend earn from teaching. Even with her teaching job the feeding of the family could not still be ensure smoothly. The need to paddle my own canoe of education prompt me to join the labourer job to have a stipend in my pocket. All the experience of life had brought disciplined and hard work to my life. It was dreamt by all to reach the apex of education. However, the circumstances of my life had pegged my apex of education to university degree. Making the vision of studying to the peak of the level of education i.e. Doctorate degree an unrealised dream for my career. The death of my father, financial crisis and the need for my other five siblings to study as well, all these brought constraint to my dream for me. It made me to stop at the bachelor degree only. The experience of life is why I hope that GKS program by NIIED can consider me as one of their scholars in this year program. Hoping to be selected for the GKS program promoted by NIIED, because from them I learned that study must be valued and that through it we can help change our lives and that of the people around us.

The importance of landscape education is not for knowledge acquisition, but also serve as life problem solver since environmental landscape architecture possess the connection for interaction between man and its environment. Environmental Landscape Architecture should establish an environment based on the opinions of the users in the area alongside with the picture idea of the designer thereby enable peaceful environment with the users of the environment. I believe that one must learn more than plain theory written in textbook, I took part in internships in landscape design. I was involved in planning, design, and implementation of landscaping projects, combining theory with practical work for better visualization of knowledge, and idea. Through this work experience, I became familiar with the entire process of a design process. However, the concept of user's participation that show ethics of a professionalism in landscape design is not seen in Nigeria Society and its environs. The ideology portrays in the Nigeria Society is likened to the germination of a weed among flowers. Where the weed is the poor plan edifices that comes out with neglecting its negative impact on the flower and the flowers are the users. I believe that people will have more suitable place if there are more participation of users resulting to less polluted society. Therefore, after completing my studies and returning to Nigeria, I plan to carry out my ideas by applying my knowledge to user's participation projects.

Please Holt and educational consultants me to review my personal statement for necessary corrections
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 2, 2021   #2
The essay is based ont he previous prompt requirements for the GKS-G program. You need to write the essay based on the new prompt requirements. The prompts for that are available with your application packet or via Google. Consider the new prompt requirements when you develop the new personal statement. You have to make sure that you align your responses to the required information as irrelevant details will disqualify your application from the first consideration round. I will advise you to work with a professional writer for your paper. A professional writer will be able to help you create a more understandable essay. Your grasp of the English language, based on this paper, is limited and reliant on software translation, which did not do a very good job of translating your text from your original language to English. It is important for you to respond to the questions and, deliver the information in a manner that the reviewer can easily use in considering your application. Right now, this essay will not accomplish the task you need it to.

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